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    August 31, 2010


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    AJ Toews

    That girl is legit....


    She should run for office but thank goodness for the work she does already working in schools.
    By the way it was awesome to see them walkaway.


    Woot woot! Sure wish I would have come across her at the rally! I would have given her a great big HUG!! Abortion does nothing but devalue ALL human life! If we are willing to discard our unborn, what is to stop us from discarding our elderly, and handicapped? And the LBJ Welfare programs did nothing but enslaved the poor and the minorities!

    Stacey B

    "How many babies have you adopted?" That's the guy's response to factual evidence of the systematic culling of Americans of one certain ethnicity? Like my daddy used to say, "Arguing with someone who cannot respond to a point without pushing your own nose in it, is like picking flys**t out of pepper....with boxing gloves." Do they argue so vehemently (with non-linear thinking) because the prospect of the truth is so horrifying or so embarrassing that they've hitched their cart to the Liberal donkey?

    Patrick Dorwin

    Wow! The truth is an awesome weapon, isn't it?


    just simply amazing. so refeshing to hear a regular woman say this. thanks for sharing this James, I needed some optimism.


    This young lady is well spoken and on the money with her facts. She's inspirational in that she has the ability to get the facts and use them to educate, where as Liberals use misinformation to detract from the debate. She obviously speaks from experience.


    Now that is a smack-down!

    James T.

    Derek? BIM? Bueller.. Bueller... Bueller?


    She reminds me of someone I know... a bit older than this lady though her message is the same ;-) Admire those Conservative women, especially ones who are outspoken and smart!


    This young lady won! No ifs, ands, or but- this lady spoke well and wasn't sidetracked by the other people's comments. I'd pay money to see her go face to face with Al Sharpton...she'd show him about 'keeping it real'.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Did you check out the site referenced? That's a film that needs to be made and again goes to my own belief that the Tea Party movement is about America first, about American ideals, about government staying out of our lives as it was always meant to be.


    Maddie is right. Here is the link. Check it out and get involved!


    Well done Maddie.

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