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    July 30, 2010


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    LMAO....Geez, thats too funny. So glad we have people like Snooki weighing in on the "tough" issues.


    guidos and guidettes are the new prophets.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Wait til' they get their healthcare bills, graduate and make grown up money thusly becoming the evil rich people!


    FYI, James....Snooki voted for John McCain

    James T.

    Thanks Shay.


    Snooki got arrested early this morning around(3:00am)for disturbing other people on the beach.
    She criticizes the commie pinko hussein in articles that come out on Friday and gets arrested for some lame "disturbance" on Saturday.
    Hmmm, yeah that sounds about right. A quick response from the commie regime for Snooki but hell the DOJ is still dragging their feet on prosecuting the Gitmo garbage.


    sooo... you're saying the Obama administration had Snooki arrested?


    Um no.
    Its a joke.
    Do you own a dictionary? Look up the word "joke" it is on page 404 and your picture should be right next to the word. :)


    lol, nice weaseling out of that one. Super snappy degrading comeback too, you're on a roll.


    I know I am on a roll!

    Unfortunately I don't plan on "rolling" with you anymore today.
    But perhaps another time.

    Do take care of those fragile feelings of yours.


    I'll rub myself down with ice to keep from burning up.

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