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    July 13, 2010


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    Hmmmm... Maybe if other schools were made available to students of color (hint, hint, Washington D.C.) things would improve a little??? Oh, right, the NAACP would say that might be "profiling" -- gotcha!!!


    The first question is a joke. Black parents have virtually no other option than to send their kids to "crumbling" state sponsored schools.

    Now I have a question. What options do you think there would be for black parents without state sponsored education?

    James T.

    "Black parents have virtually no other option than to send their kids to "crumbling" state sponsored schools."

    Can the same be said of White parents? Why do you have such low expectations for Black parents? Why are so many state sponsored schools "crumbling?"

    Do you know what the joke is? Every state sponsored school that is "crumbling" is run by DEMOCRATS!

    Every single one!

    I fault liberals like you Chris, with your bigotry of low expectations. The first question is only "a joke" to liberals and Democrats who all tend to be racist.


    Chris, a little intellectual honesty here please. Black parents in DC used to have an option but Obama and the democratic party took that away from them. the educational system itself is broken and many schools and their students suffer as a result. no one says there should not be public schools, but there should be competition among schools to help raise the quality of the education and the capabilities of the kids themselves. I care little for nomenclature, you can call them charter, private, alternative or any damn name that makes you feel better, but in the end people need choice of schools existing in a competitive market. away to help the kids accomplish instead of just feeling good about themselves.


    My dear LegioN, As usual I am enjoying reading all of your comments.


    thanks Maddypie, appreciate the support. I try not to argue for its own sake but on rational logical points and policies. Chris' comment forced my hand on this one, I would have dismissed the NAACP as an anachronism - something that although noble in its founding, has outlived its usefulness. But his injection of the idea of a total rejection of public schooling needed to be adressed. No one here advocated it and I had to bring us back to reality. Each of us here has ideas and ideology which will differ from individual to individual, but when we argue it should be over our ideas and what we advocate not what we think others are advocating.

    James T.

    Hey Maddypie! What about my comments???


    Well LegioN I just appreciate your grasp on what is happening here and you do it (unlike me)without getting down and dirty. Have you ever thought of getting into Politics?


    Hey James.
    what about your comments? LOL

    Yes your comments are always very good. :)

    It is your blog site so you are the King!


    Hmmm. What does a president so enamored with himself and PR guys whining about shrinking poll numbers do? Trot the Mrs out of moth-balls to get out there and stir the pot in the hyphenated-Antebellum crowd.

    It would of been quicker, and less costly if MO brought up the subject of DC voucher program at the breakfast table. Perhaps then, those poor kids wouldn't be forced to go to "crumbling" DC public schools.

    Oh, but then that action would of been less divisive.


    Wow Joyce. That was well put.


    James... really...

    so what's the answer to your mystical question then?

    Where should black parents send their kids to school?


    The problem is the using the racial lens. Successful blacks fled cities just as surely as white folk did. So innercities had a capital and brain drain from even members of the community. The focus on blacks as a whole short changes the real core of the problem. That's where I see the ncaap as a problem. My problems as a black man growing up in america aren't any where near the experience of blacks in ghettos. I don't need anyone to speak up for me.

    But on the question of education... last time i checked, MPS has a really large voucher program... that has ZERO improvement. I mean, i'm not really even anti voucher or charter schools, but i don't think supporters have a clear understanding of why what they are doing would work or why it wouldn't. "It's less government" isn't an answer, it's a blind faith in the BS secular religion that is american conservatism.

    "Study finds results of MPS and voucher school students are similar"

    There are no magic bullets. There's a hell of a lot more things wrong with these places than simply the school system. Results, not blind ideology. That's what makes me take something seriously as a movement. Show that you have results and I'll think you know what you're talking about.


    Now to go back to a broader point, I don't know if a wide focus on blacks actually helps those among us that need help. Because when we talk about the plight of blacks, people like me or james t as the standard by which to judge blacks. if someone like me made it, then what's wrong with everyone else, blah blah blah.
    I get the sense that we marginalize those that are at risk by painting a widebrush on black america.

    There are things that affect poor alienated blacks that end up as collateral damage for successful blacks (racial profiling). That would certainly be an issue i have stake in, But even then, i don't know if the war is to be fought as black vs. white power structure. That's where places like the NAACP become irrelevant. But at the same time, I don't know how you make people care about ghetto blacks without invoking the voice of blacks in more powerful positions.


    "But at the same time, I don't know how you make people care about ghetto blacks without invoking the voice of blacks in more powerful positions."

    You mean like the powerful position(s) as president, doj, various congresspersons that have taken little to no action to "care about ghetto blacks". Keep wondering how the "hope & change" is playing out for those folks... especially now that unemployment has risen. Though I've noticed that Title V people (some white, some black) at my workplace have been quietly grumbling about the "change".


    Back to James T's initial thought: NAACP 2010=Irrelevant. They seem to be stuck in pre-60's era.

    Perhaps the org needs to join the tea party in the 21st century and become: National Association for the Advancement of All People.


    Maddypie, I'm a canuck and my history is dirtier than most of your politicians. I had the nickname Bill Clinton at the end of high school if that gives you any clue. If some of the things I have done got out, I would get kicked out of whatever party would have me. So no poltics for me, but I would like to get into punditry up here north of the 49th parallel.

    Derek here I will agree with you on something, vouchers or charter schools are not a magic bullet. In some places they work and help out in others they do not. I'm for reasoned solutions, beyond ideology. in short I want results, verifiable repeatable results.


    Really need to revisit this comment by MO: "crumbling schools".

    Sooo... let me get this straight. MPS is to get 88.6 million to build new building they don't need? And, "MPS facilities have been described by school officials as being in good to better-than-good condition"

    Crumbling schools, my @ss. Doesn't anyone in this administration tell the truth?

    In addition: "language in the stimulus bill expressly prohibits any dollars from going toward financial assistance to students attending private schools."

    Just a guess on my part... Obama clearly doesn't want to extend the opportunity to minorities to choose private schools for their children.

    Obama girls attend Sidwells... Message being not for thee, only elitist me.

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