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    July 23, 2010


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    "it's up to our thighs in our outside"

    I love it when people discover the effects of gravity on water.


    Hilarious......file under "need a laugh?"


    Does anyone know when FEMA is do to fly in and survey this devastation.
    Don't worry girls the trailer homes on their way.
    With the commie punk hussein in office you should be sitting pretty by tomorrow.
    Thank goodness George Bush is no longer our President. Yeah the commie punk has spent the last 18 months showing his love for all you. He will be taking care of you lickety split. If you send him this video he may even invite you both to the white house!


    Its unvisable. Thank you MPS


    Tony, are you being sarcastic?
    I am sure if more taxpayer money is spent for Education, if we up the pay for teachers, and feed the kids more meals at school every day, the word "unvisable" will drop right out of their vocabulary! Yes I am being sarcastic.


    Couldn't see it on my screen. I wonder what I did wrong. I subscribed and everything. Oh well.


    That was my costume for Halloween last year. The Unvisable Man.

    Patrick Dorwin

    Someone needs to tell her that Wallace White LOST that election LOL

    James T.

    Good call Sheepdog!




    I do think he works for MMSD or is on the board if I recall his flyer correctly. Anyway it won't change a darn thing. We've had flooding in our neighborhood every time we see large amounts of rain in a short time and he lives 6 blocks away.
    I did have to call a neighbor to let him know Wallace was called out in the video. I wonder if he's seen it yet?
    Do you think Rush will be talking about this video next week? I'll be listening just in case.

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