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    July 04, 2010


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    thats crazy..hopefully this fad does not come to WI

    bub pub and little sis? ....ghetto!!! stuff like that makes me want to hurl. I am so sick of ignorant people who get their morals and idealism from a rap video.


    A mind is a terrible thing to waste...

    Exactly what purpose do the whistle pipes serve? Other than to draw attention to the driver?

    bub's "alarm" may not be a morning "wake up" for all... some folks are just going to bed in the AM after working all night... some are putting the baby down for a morning nap... NOT that he would of thought of others needs or concerns.

    How many dumb@sses are there in this country? The number seems to be increasing!



    The year 2003 called and they want their OFN back, bud. :P


    You, too, can be Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis!!!!!1!


    Correct me if I am wrong, but don't you have video evidence of Bub blowing thru a stop sign? Sheez.........


    I'm glad someone noticed that little misdemeanor of the blown stop sign. Made me think of the videos of cars blowing thru stop signs and stop lights and getting clocked and smashed. Ugghhhh! so what's derek's position? Will he defend this as artistic expression? If they come thru my neighborhood I may have to set a rocking chair outside and "clean" my shotgun.....


    My position is mostly that there are bigger things in our "culture" to care about than bub rub and lil sis. Lil sis didn't crash her financial company and require a billion dollar bailout from the government. Bub Rub didn't poorly plan for 2 wars.

    Whistles are whooo... nothing more then an entertaining (but old) internet meme, not an academic dissertation about what's wrong with the world today.


    Only 7 post to get to a "blame Bush." Not bad ...


    That should be "posts."


    Well, bush AND wall street. Easiest examples to reach for.

    The premise is simple enough though. Stupidity by our betters in our elite institutions is treated with "whocouldaknown" or something to that effect. Stupidity by people that can't really hurt anyone other than themselves is treated as the end of the world.

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