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June 04, 2010


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OK, this is it!

Christie for Pres. 2012!!

End of story.

And all off teleprompter!!

Papa Z

A distinct possibility!


If he can pull NJ out of this economic mess, he will definitely be a candidate for POTUS in 2012, especially if the rest of the country is still a mess.


Man, he just sees right through the BS, doesn't he? Excellent public speaker, as well.


This guy gets it and isn't afraid to tell the truth.

Governor Scott Walker will stop the flow of easy spending in Wisconsin. Time to tell liberals they've spent "enough"!!


They're out there. This is SOOOO cool!! And he's not the only one, that's for sure. Thank God.

Karl Hungus

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

And if this supersized suit slipped and fell, he'd easily crush a good sized swath of New Jersey.

Maddie - Saukville

I think I'm in love with this guy.

How's this for a ticket?:

Christie/Walker 2012

Just a little worried though, isn't that Detective Briscoe in the audience taking a picture?


Or Christie/Ryan in 2012 ... ;-)

John Fetters

Our country needs Chris Christie as President in 2012. Send the Teleprompter-in-Chief packing and let a real leader save our republic.
Chris Christie 2012 !!!


The GOP/Conservative movement seems hard press for leadership these days. Every so often some newbie makes a wave and they are being touted for 2012.

Lol, "Where there is no vision, the people perish"...a mean the people vacilate. What a joke you folks are.


Hot damn....


Smells like a wet troll decided to drop by.

Wet or dry a troll couldn't recognize a good honest decent man if his life depended on it.


Good, Honest, Decent?

You wouldn't happen to be talking about a politician, would you?

But then you people did think that Carrie Prejean was good, and honest, and decent and she was only a swimsuit bimbo wannabe.

Talk about standards.


LOL bimmy boy, you're still bringing up Carrie!

Here's a tip, why don't you stop looking up her lingerie pictures on the internet. Maybe than you can get her off your mind.


Haha great one Maddy.... I forgot about her until I read BIM's post. "When you're pointing a finger, 3 are pointing back at you..." or in BIM's case, maybe more than pointing??




BiM I have to disagree. Christie may not be a hero, but he is certainly attempting to control spending and put Jersey back where it should be financially. If anything that is more cause for hope or at least postive vibes than Obama or anyone in his cabinet. Christie is echoing what many of us feel and he is doing so without being a jackass while still being firm and making logical sense. Christie may not always be this, but at this point in time, so early in his term as Governor he is certainly repping for the people.



Not sure on exactly what you disagree. I have said nothing of Christie's action. I was actually talking about the GOP/Conservative's desperate need to make everybody a candidate for 2012. Not saying Christie isn't making some well needed changes in The Jersey Education dept. He is. I am pretty sure that at this time Gov. Christie is focused on getting NJ out of this hole than he is with national politics.

As for honesty and decency, I do not trust politicians, of any flavor.


well on this we can agree, I may support a politicians ideas and plans but I retain skepticism in most of these cases. Rhetoric is vastly different from action. I disagreed with your assertion that the people here are jokes as a result of the GOP's situation and people's desire to lift up certain people. But with that said I understand your criticism of the GOP. I don't think you are off the mark either.

All in all it just makes me happy to be a Canadian, because to understand your political system the way I do mine, would take me a few more years.

Maddie - Saukville

BiM - I haven't heard a politician talk like Christie talks before that I can recall and I've been on the Walker bandwagon for close to ten years now.

I could list the Republicans I don't like but I'd blow out JTH's blog and end up with carpal tunnel.

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