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June 15, 2010


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Thanks for sharing James, looks like y'all had an amazing time.


That camel had a little trouble getting up there. Was that a twinkie that fell out of James T's pocket? I know, we all could probably stand to loose a few pounds. Ha,ha. Just messing with ya'.

James T.

I almost killed that camel!It was more like five cupcakes! But don't let the fat fool ya, Frank! I ain't no easy win!!! :-)


I shouldn't have brought it up. I just saw myself in the mirror, and that image made me clean out the snak-stash cupboard.

James T.



Assuming that is your son, DUDE GOT HUGE!!! I think the last picture I remember seeing him in was the snowblower one. Now he grew like a frickin bean stalk!

I am not going to ask what you are feeding him. At this point it is how much can he consume!

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