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    June 22, 2010


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    i hope fox gets a hold of this...


    Nothing surprises me anymore. Where's 2012?


    shouldn't you be angry at the people who are hiring the illegal immigrants to work in their factories and construction companies and kitchens and hotels and gas stations and bars and grocery stores and toy factories and....


    I don't know who your talking to, Chris, j or me, but I'm not angry so much as I'm disgusted about every aspect of the issue.


    And, Chris, where do you get "anger" in a one line post? You read so much into so little. I'm wise to you now. Your treating this site, and everyone on it, like a big lab experiment. Just like my analogy about the mouse in the maze, you go to places to what end? I agree with every one of your points up there, and glad that you said it. The fact that I put my one liner up there and kept it short and sweet, and left the topic for you to respond to leaves me wondering why you have to personalize it by addressing it to someone else. GET LOST!


    Funny how she said it was "free". I would say it is not FREE at all, but wondering exactly how much it is costing us.


    Where do you conservatives get this magical idea that rights somehow don't apply to noncitizens. Last time that was true was the dred scott decision. Since then, we've had this crazy thing called the 14th amendment. You all should read it some time.


    Did read it. Guess you've interpreted the use of "persons" to mean non-citizens?

    Question: Is "noncitizens" this PS is addressed to illegals... or as the progressive would refer to as "undocumented"?

    Or are those just hard-working people doing jobs Americans don't want to do? I think at double-digit unemployment one would find numerous Americans willing to work these jobs.


    One would indeed Joyce. While I feel it is necessary to preserve the ideals that let us call this country "free", there is a difference between nascent nationalism and common sense.

    Currently there is relatively no enforcement of illegal aliens holding permanent jobs here in the U.S. Why is that?

    At some point it becomes impossible to deny that federal legislation has allowed, nay encouraged American corporations to seek out illegal, cheap labor.

    At another point it is impossible to stick the blame for this insurrection on anything else but the shoulders of lobbyists, and the politicians who took their money.


    " I think at double-digit unemployment one would find numerous Americans willing to work these jobs."

    Double digit unemployment has also caused immigration to decrease over the past two years. The labor market will be the labor market. When there are jobs people will come, when there aren't they won't.


    "Currently there is relatively no enforcement of illegal aliens holding permanent jobs here in the U.S. Why is that?"

    A very good point Chris... and I agree politicians, lobbyists choose to ignore the laws enacted to suit their agenda... be it power or monetary gain.

    @derek... when the "backdoor" aka border is latched... those entering legally will come regardless if there are jobs. They, much like those coming to the U.S. a hundred years ago come because they believe in the American dream... a chance to better their life... and the lives of their children.


    They may or may not. The way the current visa system is a lot of the people that come here illegally would get waitlisted for decades trying the legal route. A man should be able to live where he wants regardless of where he was born. The only real business the government has in turning away people is security. And even that's a poor excuse for a restrictive visa policy because it isn't the people that apply legally to come here that you have to worry about, no more than it's the people that apply for concealed weapons permits that you have to worry about robbing people.


    Derek, make sure you tell Mexico that. Tell you what, when they get rid of THEIR laws that discriminate against illegal immigrants and ALL the other countries that actually enforce their laws, maybe I will listen to your crap. ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS!! And yes, punish those that hire illegal immigrants AND Deport ALL illegal immigrants and none of this anchor baby crap!


    Mexico's immigration laws are actually really lax. The government is corrupt and shakes down immigrants anyways, but the actual laws aren't that strict.

    As for anchor baby... you guys really do have a problem with the 14th amendment. Is is really that painful that someone else gets something that you got just because of where your parents were born? Ha. Seriously, the hell have you ever done in your life to deserve your citizenship more than some "anchor baby" other than bitch about other people


    Ok derek, I'm really not talking about Mexico's policies toward legal immigrants, I'm referring to illegal immigrants since that is what AZ law is attempting to address. BTW Mexico's legal immigration policy is not a walk in the park since you can't go there to work and live unless you already have a source of income and own health insurance. ie Mexico will not give you a free ride with bennies like the US does.

    James T.

    Derek must be on vacation.


    " A man should be able to live where he wants regardless of where he was born."


    But those coming here illegally seem to not want to sever allegiance to their homeland. I'd bet the Western Union offices are doing peak business on payday... wonder if they sell Mexico's flag as a sideline.

    We, as a country enable their allegiance... press 2 for Spanish.

    And no, I'm not opposed to retaining one's native language... my great grandpa & grandma came here and were tri-lingual. They knew learning, speaking and writing their adopted homeland's language was necessary to assimilate.


    "Derek must be on vacation."

    Tuesday's are my friday


    "We, as a country enable their allegiance... press 2 for Spanish."

    I live in a state that used to be part of mexico. Most of the place names here are Spanish. Sorry if I find the whole "we speak english here in america" thing more then a bit ridiculous.


    It turns to "ridiculous" in a community such as Franklin, WI where the local Lowe's has PA announcements in Spanish... and the Spanish population in likely .01%

    My state and community is riddled with Native American names... doesn't mean citizens need to speak Menominee, Potawatomi, Sioux or Ojibwe.


    America's a big place. There's people that speak French in Louisiana, Spanish in Puerto Rico, Hawaiian in Hawaii (imagine that), sorry if that offends your white american sensibilities.

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