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May 24, 2010


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Never liked tennis before. Think I'll give it a second look.


Dressed for the Vegas chorus line?

Don't think I've ever seen anyone in the wholesome sport of tennis dressed this way... UGH!

Andrea A.

Funny to see a man's response vs. a woman's. :) I tend to agree with Joyce, but then I am a woman. This was in extreme poor taste. We (women) really don't need any more objectifying then there already is in this society. Thanks for your contribution Venus.


Americans are kind of prudish. It's just a butt!


Not prudish... just don't think this appropriate attire for a public figure playing tennis. Unless others think 8, 9, or 10-year-old children involved in the sport need a free peep show?

As I said, perfect for the Vegas chorusline! Unfortunate G_d gave her a flat chest.


when's serena playing next


I don't know Joyce - how many 10 year olds are serious enough to be following the French Open? And besides, women have butts. They'll have to learn sooner or later.


Count me in on the "prudes" list. She's just trying to get attention, and of course she got it.


Sure, but she's getting attention because of the prudes!


Anyone else watch women's beach volleyball? I think their headgear has more fabric on it than their "uniforms". I wouldn't see a need to comment if it looked like a tennis sport outfit with her butt showing rather than "bedroom" sport outfit with her butt showing.

Andrea A.

Spoken like a man Dan! ;-) Women do not need this or any additional negative coverage regarding the ojectifying of women. You are being brainwashed thanks to society, multimedia, internet & so on. This crap is EVERYWHERE. This is right up there with regard for human life. Seriously, we are being desensitized to things we should hold dear & regard with respect, like a woman's body and like any human life. Somehow things that we used to revere are now just thrown to the side with little to no regard, or with disgusting intentions. It's a sad world we live in. This may be a small article with a little "oops"(though we all know it wasn't that) but in the big picture it is much, much more than that. It has to stop somewhere & she chose poorly.


Equating this with a disregard for human life is just wrong. There's a massive difference between the culture of death in which women use abortion as a form of contraception and an attractive tennis star showing some skin.

If you want to argue that our culture is becoming too sexualized, it should begin with how teenagers act these days, not full-grown tennis stars fully capable of making their own clothing decision.


You're giving way too much power to Serena here, people. We don't pay attention to tennis usually. But when Serena wears something like this, suddenly we've *all* got to chime in. Do you think she's after attention? Guess what, she's got it. From the same people who don't want to reward this behavior.

Andrea A.

It's not just about Venus anymore. It's the big picture which is about the breakdown of society. I never mentioned anything about abortion, so no need to take it there. I was talking about how people go around shooting up people, running them over etc. with no regard for their life. No regard for the lives of anyone or of anything. A reckless people - young & old alike.

Side note - I don't think she got as much publicity as she probably wanted. There's so much crap to choose from, it's hard to stay on top(or near) the crap pile for long!


"I never mentioned anything about abortion"...

Granted, you didn't mention abortion specifically, but you did say this:

"This is right up there with regard for human life"

Anyways, I think we should be very careful about our attitude towards women here. We don't want to objectify them, but we also don't want to turn into such a conservative society that we ban women from showing anything except their eyes. A free society means that you'll get women sometimes who you think show too much.

The real culture of death in terms of shootings, etc. has roots that go far beyond what tennis players wear.


Wasn't that match in France? Enough said.

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