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    May 12, 2010


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    A conservative criticism that actually makes sense. And it only took a year in a half. Hell, given time, you might even come up with those things called ideas.

    Although i must say i find santelli's last statement a bit absurd. He essentially uses the consequence of deregulation done in 1999 as an argument against new regulation. What's his stance? Don't do anything? Like i said, maybe in another year you guys will actually come up with ideas. Until then, keep trying.

    James T.

    Thanks Derek! Your ideas over the years have been so dazzlingly stupid, vapid and wrong that us guys won't have to try too hard.

    Maddie - Saukville

    If Henny Youngman were still alive...."Taxpayer goes to the IRS, IRS says you've got two generations to pay our debt, taxpayer says to the IRS, that's impossible, IRS says, okay, you've got two more generations to pay! Taxpayer anniversary, they want to go somewhere they never been before, how bout a sane session of Congress? Government's giving away shovel ready jobs...nah, too easy. Take my money, please!"

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