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    May 06, 2010


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    Andrea A.

    Just what in the sam hell do we "owe" these people??!!!!! This crap just makes me sooo mad! Nice incentive there at the bottom too! ... Whatev to the Muslim terrorists... they'll get theirs in the end.


    Andrea, why do you think the Democrats want to legalize the illegals? Ready made voters with an entitlement mentality. Think about it. If the Democrats get enough people enslaved to them, and their idea of Governing, then, get those same slaves to go out and vote for them, they can end any chance of dissent by taking out the republicans by shear numbers.

    James T.

    Hey Billiam! Where ya been?


    Going through some rough times, financially and spiritually. I've been around, stopping by from time to time. And keeping the Faith..


    Hey Billiam: I don't know you, but your honesty is refreshing & frankly, courageous & admirable. Hope you don't mind that I'm praying for you, and I doubt that I'm the only one who is. Hang in there...


    Prayers are always appreciated, and thanks. My life is in His hands. I've been prating a lot, but the extra is a blessing. Where ever two or three...


    Yep!!! And you're welcome. He's faithful.

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