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    May 21, 2010


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    That apology tour Obama's been on, all the bowing, and running down the U.S. doesn't seem to be working out so well, does it. If our own President has no pride in our standing in the world, why would any leader of an other country want to show solidarity with the U.S.? They may as well feel standing up with a up and coming, power hungry loon,may be to their benefit more so than standing up with an empty suit.


    And to add to Frank's comment... why would any previous ally stand with an empty suit with pockets turned out... No Money!

    Wondering how the U.S. will get retooling if and when a world war breaks out... as they did for WWII... no manufacturers in business in this country either. Guess BHO will go to the gunfight with his song book. Or just sit home and wait for the takeover.

    How's that for Hope and Change. Are you feelin' safer now?


    Can it be that this is exactly what this administration wants?


    Obama has turned our country into a doormat.


    Read Deuteronomy 28 -- while it is written to the nation of Israel, a lot of it sure applies to us. :(


    As James said, "We are running out of time". But it is still NOT too late, even now.


    Joyce, that was outstanding.


    Not to late to do what? Give some chest thumping speech and appear on a carrier in a flight suit and a mission accomplished banner? i swear american conservatives are all thumbsuckers that need constant babying from a father figure.


    Derek, that just never gets old, does it.

    Your response is pathetic because you got nothing else. Might you finally recognize that our president really is a sock puppet?

    Or is it that you already recognize it and are actually cheering on his dismantling of Amerika?


    derek=duh. Again? Why do you bother.


    derek. As a conservative I take offense at you calling me a thumb sucker. In the future, if you can't help your self from doing the name calling thing, and insulting me again, I will give you an open invitation to meet me so you can suck on MY thumb, and the other 4 digits attached up to my knuckles at about 30 miles per hr.Get me?

    James T.


    "Don't do it Miss Celie! He ain't werfit!"

    Thought I've give you a little color purple action.

    Derek is a troll that thinks he has found a home. He is a constant reminder of what is wrong with this country.

    He is a young, bright, self-absorbed black marxist.... An un-American American. Like Obama.

    Don't kick his ass... pity the fool.


    Excuse me, James T. I let that bug get under my skin. I had a moment of weakness. I'm over it. Everyone have a great day. You too, derek.


    The only thing "bright" about gnat are the neon letters on his forehead that spell out "stupid commie."

    Frank, kick his ass! It won't be the first time or the last time it happens to gnat.

    Or at least hold him while I kick his ass. LOL


    You guys are great!!!! I love you! Poor Derek...

    Lone Wolf

    "Don't kick his ass... pity the fool."

    I have to disagree with you on this J.T. The derek's of this country are so clueless and ignorant about what's going on it's past the point of trying to reason with and debate with them on an objective, unbiased level.

    Maybe the only way left to give them some sense of reality is to beat it into them.

    Also, anyone who willingly is allowing and supporting the destruction of America DESERVES to have his ass kicked and sent packing with a one way ticket out of this great nation!


    I guess it depends on what kicking his butt means. There are all kinds of effective, ethical ways to accomplish that 100%--- without resorting to physical violence. Derek (in addition to his addiction to needing attention) is here with an agenda, and everyone here can figure out what it is. He won't have the pleasure of his objectives being fulfilled. This country is in the hands of destructive fools and we are taking it back... without resorting to becoming like the very fools who try to taunt us in the process.


    It isn't the people that crashed the economy and sent a few thousand young americans off to die in a war that they had no clue how to plan that are destructive... right.

    I mean look at yourselves. You're complaining about Iran cutting a deal with turkey and brazil to have their uranium enriched outside of Iran when the whole point of these negotiations is to get iran to stop enriching their own uranium. Krauthammer is complaining about who gets the credit. He's complaining because turkey and brazil brokered the deal instead of big bad america. And you're all nodding your heads like you seriously know what's going on. As though you actually looked at this issue when you know damn well you didn't.

    Like i said, you and frank especially, are just looking for chest thumping. And it's obvious why... because you all, especially frank, don't have a clue about anything else in the world so your only clue as to how we're doing is how much crap the president is talking. the only time conservatives even figured out that there was a problem in iraq was when bush announced the troop surge. And even now you all are stuck on this "the surge worked" nonsense, knowing damn well you, especially frank because that guy just looks clueless, haven't looked up anything about iraq in the past 2 years.


    @ James: Everytime this poor guy opens his mouth he proves our point about his agenda and his personality as he breathes his poison into the air, and he's the only one who fails to see it. Moving on...


    This is the last time I will respond to you, derek.I'm guessing your in your 20's. You haven't been on this planet long enough to know diddly. Your vision of what this country should be is ,to say the least , right out of the comie hand book. I'm not going burn one more second on your pathetic ass. Good bye, fool.


    LOL @ frank unraveling


    It's obvious, based on wet-behind-the-ears derek's ramblings that like other junior-wanna-be marxists, he regards stupidity as a virtue.

    Don't need to be a shrink to understand derek's motives... Attacks are necessary for him to feel superior. He's not much, so he tries to prove that he's really special.

    Kids usually outgrow the all-about-me behavior... poor widdle resident troll never has... awwwwwww. Neither has his marxist leader.

    I'd suggest a good book for derek... though why bother. Seek help little man! And lay off the kool-aid.


    I didn't take my ball and go home. I just don't want to play with that kid anymore. People are angry about how things are going in this world, and to continue to have a pissing contest takes the focus off of the many issues of the day. For anyone to perpetuate animosity towards any one individual, who by the way didn't create the worlds problem's, need's to refocus. Is he misguided? I believe so. So what it comes down to, is that anyone who chooses not to close the book on it, is more interested in just releasing their angst, than dealing with fixing the problems.


    Frank, history started around 1983 for derek. That should help clarify things for you.

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