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May 25, 2010


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Oh no, another tea partier with his panties in a bunch about brown people!

I really don't understand you people sometimes. Your definition of war and surrender revolve around phrases and whether or not we tolerate mosques being built?

Seriously? Idiots.

James T.


Derek = Denial

In you plight to understand "We The People"start looking at ideology instead of skin color.

Seriously! Your hate based racial baiting is despicable. Oh wait a minute...

Derek = Despicable


Seriously derek... most people I know do not look at the color of one's skin... it matters not!

Get a new deck... yours has been overused.


oh, excuse me, he doesn't hate brown people, just muslims. everything's better now.

Andrea A.

Muslims come in all colors derek, not that it matters.

Nothing you spew forth can take away the fact that terrorists(Muslims) took out the twin towers and the lives in them & now slapping every red-blooded American(and the world) in the face with the insult of building a mosque too damn close to the site of their slaughter.


That's one heck of an issue you brought up, James. Go Rick Barber, go!


Does a majority win? When people want something, anything, shouldn't the majority win that decision? If so, a poll should be taken on if building a mosque so close to Ground Zero is a good idea. I would bet all the fun ticket's at the carnival, that if it came to a vote from the American people, it wouldn't be built.


majority or not, i don't know how you can deny the building of a mosque and not get screwed by the first amendment.

and majority or not, dude is acting like the asses that get pissy over muhammad drawings.


how do I register in 'Bama?


Also interesting in Alabama is Les Phillips. Google him and enjoy.

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