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    May 09, 2010


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    I think katrina comparisons are a bit callous. About 1800 people died in katrina. That's thousand... not a typo. That's a pretty big deal. I doubt nashville and the surrounding areas will even have a few dozen when all is said and done.

    I agree with the media point though. No one is talking about this.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Oh my God! I was wrong about Global Warming being the biggest scam in history. The polar ice cap melted and went straight to Tennessee!!

    Hey, enviro-freaks call me an idiot for saying it is still cold in Wisconsin in winter despite Wisconsin still being on the globe they claim is warming. If the temps can be selective with where they go, why can't the water?

    Cindy in West Bend

    Katrina had days warning. People in TN had 30 minutes. New Orleans decided to NOT take cover, TN had no time to make a decision.

    School bus Nagen had days to deploy busses for evac, but they weren't air conditioned, deemed 'unsuitable'.

    TN had 30 minutes to be saved.

    My daughter lives in this area. She's safe. This is referred to as the 'inland tsunami'. Within one hour, houses were covered in 10 feet of water, there was no 3 day warnings.

    And derek, no, it's not overblown. Bambi is ignoring this problem, but, it doesn't matter, the bitter clingers are relying upon Americans, not the government.

    I'm happy to report, from my daughter's point of view, people are helping without the government's involvement. Various states are sending help. Kind of like Katrina, you never heard how Mississippi or Alabama whined and cried for assistance. They pulled up their bootstraps and solved the problem. TN doesn't need the government, Americans are to the rescue.

    Yet, 5 years later, New Orleans is still dependent upon the government.
    What a joke.

    Cindy in West Bend`

    My daughter is in this area. Clarksville got hit not quite as bad. They only got 11.5 inches of rain. They're about 45 minutes northwest of Nashville.

    More videos of the flood:

    Nashville Underwater and nobody gives a dang:

    Top video on this page, the two guys in the photo:

    Just you tube nashville flood, there are many videos out there.

    The people of TN are pulling up their pants and fixing the problem. You never heard how bad Mississippi was during Katrina, it was all the leaches in New Orleans complaining. Us bitter clingers don't need government to solve our problems. The people in TN should be praised!

    There are also many private organizations sending trucks with supplies and food and whatnot, just search the net. There are many folks out there.

    This is a grass roots effort.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Glad your family is okay Cindy. I believe Busch is sending a million gallons of bottled water which they frequently do in such times, but one great corporate citizen.

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