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May 24, 2010


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so some poll of obama... that shows him not even at his peak lowest level means something?

i mean seriously, i'm trying to figure out why anyone would even point to this poll.


Derek = denial

It shows that despite the porkulus (which didn't bring the economy or jobs back as advertised) and health care (oooo won't it be wonderful to be in a cradle-to-grave socialist system, all cared for by mother government!), his numbers have not come back to anywhere *near* what they were when he took office.


Wow...never thought I'd agree with derek. Nothing to see here, move along.

He's bound to tank lower when the "Idol/Survivor" dummies pay attention and realize "hope and change" hasn't changed their lifestyle... only Mr & Mrs O's.

Ask the lefties in 2011, just prior to the election... are you better off now? How's that wealth distribution workin' out for you? Enjoying the benefits of obamacare? Your sons, daughters and neighbors still fighting and dying in some far-off country? Has some illegal got your teen's job, or worse yours? Are you sick of the finger-pointing to someone who's been out of office more than 3 years? (in 2011 I'm guessing BHO and all his little marxist followers... i.e. derek will still be blaming W for the sky being blue, the oceans receding, a local traffic accident... whatever)


hey derek... more meaningful now? dropped to 42%

Time to start taking bets... which will drop faster... obama or the market.





Pollster.com = National Journal + Gwen Ifill = left wing resource.


Left wing or not, aAll they do is average polls together. The only difference between them and RCP is that RCP excludes partisan pollsters. And RCP is right leaning

Fivethirtyeight.com is left leaning but is more accurate than both (they adjust for pollster performance and partisan leanings) but they don't do approval ratings, just elections.

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