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May 27, 2010


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Holy crap - the honeymoon is definitely over!


Wow! The times they are a changing.


Wow ... and it took him only 16 months to figure out what the rest of us knew!

I'm kind of going to miss Mr. Tingly Leg ...

Maddie - Saukville

Took the words out of my mouth Kim! An increasingly rare spat of sanity from Chris! He may forget he's black in this post racial era from time to time but he's keeping score on the President's inanity!

I have just one question:

Isn't Chris Matthews officially a neo-con racist now?


'Bout. time.


That was the most entertaining news video ever... OMG Mathews actually made me LOL. Especially the "barf" comment regarding Chu.

Hey lefties... this is how Obama handles everthing in his life... he votes "present".


A moment of clarity and common sense. The commie punk will have to up chrissy's meds. Cause the last thing hussein needs is his biggest cheerleader yelling and pointing a finger at him.
Poor chrissy will pay dearly for this out burst. Just like james carville
the other day when he critized commie punk hussein in the morning and in the evening on cnn sugar coated all of his comments.
Though it seems we now know what will push chrissy's buttons(not the destruction of the Constitution and America but Mother Earth)I doubt that he sees the big picture.
He will be gushing and peeing down his leg again as soon as he sees this video.


I understand where Matthews is coming from but seriously when are they going to stop calling people like him a journalist and label him as what he really is, a broadcaster, who puts his ideas and feelings out there instead of straight news coverage.


"Isn't Chris Matthews officially a neo-con racist now?"

Good one, Maddie - Saukville


They are all too busy trying to figure out how to keep manipulating the markets up.... They can't be bothered with this trivial stuff....

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