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    May 20, 2010


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    Shes also wearing her signature scowl because she hates everyone. Theres probobly some "white" person not giving her enough attention...
    What is the bodice made out of? cardboard? Looks really gross under her arm!


    James baby you know I love ya honey but you being a fashion critic is like me being a political analyst. Not gonna happen.

    Her hair looks cute...dress is too small which is why she is hanging over.

    James T.

    LOL! I'm just asking a question! ;-)


    Dress is too small, hence the hangover "stuff". How hard is it for a specially designed dress to fit properly? Guess too difficult for MO and the designer. Definitely not classy!

    The look is pure Hollywood... not appropriate attire for her position or state dinner. Better suited for the pre-awards red carpet... or 27th St in Milw.

    MO could use help from the Desperate Housewife's star Eva... now that was a classy look.


    More evidence that the Obamas view themselves as some sorts of celebrities first and representatives of the United States second.


    I like the hair too. She needs a different designer ... designer clothes should not be this ill-fitting. :-/


    Such a pathetic joke. Put an ill fitted dress on a pig and it still looks and IS a pig.
    She is so stupid, she thinks she is wearing a "killer" dress. She's been scouring all the papers today for the rave reviews.
    Well here is my review michy, the only thing "killer" about you are those nasty eyes of yours. You know the windows to your soul. You hate America. No doubt about that.
    And you know what michy? The majority of Americans are laughing at you every day. Your fondest wish of being accepted will never come true. Unless fear of commie punk huessin counts as having people admire you. Trust me anyone who puts you in that dress has no respect for you.
    Go back to commie punks homeland of kenya.

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