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    May 08, 2010


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    Elaine Imani

    Wow is it all so easy to blame the democrats for the fall of a nation, or could it possible be old politics laced with republicans ans democrats alike. so who is sleeping with you in DC. It is all relative to a nation of people using the poor who feel the affects more than any one else. Financial crisis for the poor and the vanishing middle class leaves a society filled with ills I blame the elepant as well as the donkeys.


    101 eh? You all do realize that if fannie and freddie didn't exist, there still would be a financial crash... fannie and freddie weren't insured by AIG. Lehman was though, bear sterns was though, etc. etc.

    How the hell does conservative mythology even take affect. Presumably people aren't stupid, they can read graphs. a housing bubble that very obviously gets created in this decade exists because of carter and clinton?

    Top left chart... how the hell can someone be so ignorant as to buy into the idea that carter set a timebomb that just randomly exploded in 2003?

    And that's not even getting into the actual facts. If you want to throw clinton in then you can talk about deregulation of banking in 2000. But you guys like deregulation so instead of going with the obvious answer... you have to create some ridiculous nonsense just to keep your precious worldview intact.

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