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    May 04, 2010


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    Like the great republican said, you can fool some of the people some of the time...

    women don't vote republican, minorities don't vote republican. we can't simply erase the 60's and 70's from history and pretend we go from lincoln to bush. That's just not what happened. Alabama wasn't part of the union then... but they damn sure vote republican now. The GOP made it's deal with the devil now they live with it. Strom Thurmond didn't leave the democrat party because he liked god and country. George Wallace didn't leave because he was so patriotic (although he never became republican). David Duke didn't become Republican... well, you get the gist.

    Try to pull the wool over someone's eyes that's less educated.




    OMG... "women don't vote republican".

    So derek... do you actually know, or have you ever talked to any women when you come out from under your rock?


    Hay little derek here is a history of the kkk and the democratic party.

    have fun, it will be interesting to see how you deny this one.


    There's nothing to deny, this isn't 1880 and states like mississippi and alabama aren't blue states anymore. Haven't been since 1964. That isn't by accident. The south didn't just magically have a change of heart.


    I mean... democrat president signs the civil rights act. A majority of white people haven't voted for a democrat president since. I'm not supposed to read anything into that? I'm supposed to pretend that the resulting republican voting coalition isn't predicated on the ruins of southern democrats?


    Democrat president signs the civil rights act only because the republicans in Congress helped get it passed -- there were too many dems (specifically the southern dems) against it.

    Remember too that dem Robert Byrd filibustered the act for 14 hours.

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