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    May 08, 2010


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    Yea Bob!


    This dude's always on point...

    Maddie - Saukville

    I love to rant but I don't yell. Only so much yelling you can tolerate even from yourself. As such, I have not listened to him in a long time but, based on the title, this is nothing new.

    American rights have somehow been elevated to human rights. Terrorists, can't be denied the 4th Amendment whether in the US or out. Illegal aliens, there's no end to what they have the rights to do here and if you have the audacity to make a law that says illegal immigration is a crime, you might just get kicked out of the union yourself. It seems our American rights, the rights Americans have if our laws mean anything apply more to non-Americans than they do to us. I have no problem with others adopting our laws but they have no right to the freedoms of our nation paid for by the citizens of our nation. Let them adopt our laws in their homes where they are responsible to pay for them.


    The 14th amendment doesn't distinguish between american or non american. Only between people under american jurisdiction and people not under it.

    And that amendment is the by-product of living in a country that had states that used to try to use citizenship to oppress groups of people. I believe they called them slaves.

    Besides, how could things be otherwise? Your rights aren't granted to you because you are american but because you have been endowed with them by your Creator.

    But there i go again, actually reading the constitution and history.

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