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April 03, 2010


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James, you are a man after my own heart!


The bigger question remains... who slipped it into the health bill... and why... with little specificity as to how the president can and will choose to use this army.

And really, are they that dumb not to consider that the presidents that come after BHO (if there are any!) will have this law to use at their discretion. Perhaps that's the plan all along... no more election?


My thoughts exactly Joyce.

Starting with this November.

Why else has commie hussein kept the troops in Afghanistan when he campaigned to bring them home immediately and than commits to sending more.

Going back on his word and passing sham care will not affect his re-election chances because there won't be any elections.


H.R. 1444 came out of committee and reared it's ugly zombie head again.


We knew this was coming. Obama warned us himself, before the election.We had NOOOOO idea it would be in the health bill till it was too late. Ever think you would feel like Anne Frank in America?

Karl Hungus

Why would he need two armies? I am calling my senators office...this is outrageous!

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