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April 18, 2010


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I know, that they think it is Monopoly money. Unfortunately, the lagacy of the latest Repubs. thought it was as well.

Spend, spend, sink, sink...


Oh yeah... "call my office"... likely so the "office" can give the canned response "we need to spend our way..."

So the deficit as it stands is not enough for this congressman... we need to spend more? How senseless and clueless is this guy?

Simple kitchen-table economics tells folks: if you have $2000 "spent" on credit... and they raise your limit to $3000... and you continue spending on credit... how exactly is that going to eliminate your debt?


Joyce, don't you know that's the New, New, *NEW* Math? :-P


It give me some hope that a young man like Jason Mattera is willing to push the "establishment" and question these policies...way to go Anti-Zombie!

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