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    April 18, 2010


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    Hmmm. They asked 30,000 people.

    Wonder if any were Mexicans waiting on the border to sneak in to this evil country in an attempt to find a better life?

    Wonder if any were Canadians flocking to the hospitals in the U.S. seeking healthcare?

    Wonder if any were survivors of natural disasters worldwide who received aid and financial assistance from America and Americans?

    Wonder if any stood by America after 9/11... and lost loved one in the downed towers?

    Wonder if any experienced voting in a democratic election for the first time in their country because America helped in creating a safer homeland for them?

    Wonder if any enjoy the tourist dollars from Americans and depend on this support to sustain their families?

    Wonder how many will miss America once it's gone?

    James T.

    China owns us, Russia wants us. Iran is going nuclear as we trash Israel and kick the Dalai Lama out the back door.

    However the World now respects us more because of Obama's foreign agenda?

    Holy global Kool-aid, Batman!

    (I wish I would have said that last night in the interview. Oh well...) The started with FOX & friends and ended with the BBC 20 hours later. I'll cut me some slack.


    Yes, it's the world that's wrong... not the people that have been consistently wrong about everything since 2000.


    derek... thought you didn't believe in polls?... you forgot to include the numerous times in history "the people... consistently wrong about everything" prior to 2000.

    Why didn't you just say marxists are never wrong... that's why every society ruled by marxists have been so totally successful! If you can name just one... you may get a gold star.

    Dan K.

    If you view America as awesome and Barack Obama as placating weaker countries by weakening our position in the world, then this makes perfect sense.

    Just sayin'.

    Rachel Ann

    Hey I'm sure you did fine, but what you said under the update that is great, to the point and wow. So you said it here not there. Do I trust BBC to play fair with your words anyway? Maybe better that you have control then letting them have control.


    Jame T. going "Global."

    Now that the BBC has a taste of you they will definitely be hungry for more!!


    Yes JT... the afterthought points are provocative and mind-stimulating that even a lefty may find disturbing. Proof that BHO is actively creating an unsafe and less stable world.

    So, why again does the world like America better? Perhaps because they see the opportunity to elevate their own nation as a world leader... Self-importance and the struggle to be top-dog is not a new concept... neither is it just an American trait. It is human nature to want to succeed.



    Geez already...just thank your God there's affirmative action & rabid fans of counterfactual thinking.

    Amanda Smith

    Obama has a brother?? Probobly lives in his "home country of Kenya".


    "Geez..." sheepdoggie "counterfactual" is not in my dictionary; however counterproductive is.

    Thank God for the common sense He has instilled in me, and the wisdom of my years to understand.

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