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April 02, 2010


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The Federal Government is so good at managing so many policies that I can't even recall any of them.
Enjoy your vacation and sunscreen!


the country of slavery and segregation's "exceptional" freedom ends because... you have to buy health insurance?


Lone Wolf


Your inability to grasp and understand the big picture on this issue shows you have a lot of life experience to learn.

Here's something interesting that's buried deep within the "health reform" nonsense that probably only a few people knew existed.


What the hell does this have to do with health reform and what else have the lunatic dems. buried within the thousands of pages of this socialist law that is going to be unleashed on America?


We're still allowed to own slaves? Humm, I guess that war one hundred and fifty years ago never happened? Nor any of the civil rights laws that have been passed? Geez derik what's it like living in that Liberal fantasy land of yours?
I'll admit there's a disparity between the way the races live, but a lot of the dysfunction is due to the entitlement mindset created by Democrat backed policies of Johnson's "Great Society". Release the people from the shackles of "Government Assistance" and you'll see a wave of innovation and self reliance unimagined that would horrify you Liberals. The Democrats have had 45 years to get their programs situated so that they work properly, and all they've done is make a bad situation worse. Don't you think it's time we switched gears and let the other side take a shot at getting things done "right"?


Thank you Lone Wolf and Scott for the serious and common sense comments. However, I'm guessing the "history-began-when- born derek... is unable to comprehend any part of this discussion. He, not unlike his really "smart" leader knows how very "beautiful" it'll be living in utopian marxism.

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