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    April 29, 2010


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    When did the constitution get suspended?

    When did we become a police state?

    I told some students (from main land China) the other day that we could no longer pray in schools. They responded that 1. with disbelief, 2. saying it seems that they have more freedoms in China.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I'm sorry young Amy. You have learned a valuable lesson at the hands of liberals: You do have the right to say virtually anything in this free nation, as long as it is what they want to hear.

    Called the cops huh? What was the probable cause? What laws were being broken? This sounds like a case of profiling run amok to me! Barrack Obama standing in the Independence Hall doorway, YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Hey, he's America's first black white wizard too!


    "When did we become a police state?"

    This is the same country that shot up a bunch of students at kent state right?

    Scared because you saw some police... rookies. When they start shooting tear gas at you and the media starts pretending you don't even exist (a la 2003 iraq war protests) then you can start bitching. When they call the national guard in on you like back in the vietnam days, then maybe i'll even take it seriously


    poor derek trying to sound all self righteous, but once again failing. the little peon talking about what he has no knowledge of.


    Hey derek, how long did it take you to think of that defense? And are you really saying it with a straight face? JT, Since derek doesn't believe that people have the right to peacefully assemble and to exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to free speech and hold the government accountable for their actions, Can't we place a mute button on this dude?


    The right to peaceably assemble doesn't mean you don't magically have the right to not see cops. Unless the cops broke up the protest, and i see nothing claiming that, you all have no clue what you're talking about. As usual.

    And hey, here are the actual facts behind what happened from the local paper:

    "There were a few tense moments when the crowd moved west down York toward Third Street after the president's motorcade arrived. A Secret Service agent asked the crowd to move back across the street to the north side.

    When the crowd didn't move and began singing "God Bless, America" and the national anthem, Quincy Deputy Police Chief Ron Dreyer called for members of the Mobile Field Force to walk up the street.

    The officers, mainly from Metro East departments near St. Louis and dressed in full body armor, marched from the east and stood on the south side of York facing the protesters. "

    The president arrived and you had to get out the way of motorcade and move across the street? that's somehow a violation of your right to peaceably assemble?

    Did anyone even get arrested?

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