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    April 29, 2010


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    No one has a "responsibility" to grow the economy... and I dont know what "fulfilling the core responsibilities of the financial system" means... Core responsibilities? Financial "system" ???


    Its commie speak for
    "hey don't worry we have hand picked the people who will keep the economy going and keep myself and my elite commies living in comfort." "In order to oppress you we must pass this bill so that you have no chance of personal success or wealth."
    "Don't worry you America loving people, I have your whole future planned out and most of you are going to hate it."
    "Just don't "hate it" too loud or I will banish you to my Indiana facility. "The work is coming along quite nicely and will be ready for occupancy in less than 6 months."

    I could go on explaining commie speak, but I think you get my point.


    Does the "certain point you've made enough money" include the liar-in-chief. Is 5.5 million "enough"? Is he the one that gets to say how much is "enough"?

    Never thought I'd live to say this about an American president...What a JackA$$!


    The financial system exists as it does because the federal government grants them the power to create money. Yes, there is a responsibility there. If you think it's unfair to tax companies that essentially exist BECAUSE of the government's banking policy then i have no clue how you all ever expect to run a country.
    You'll just end up causing great depressions, savings and loans crises, and our last great financial collapse. Just look at the history of republican governance in america.

    Do you all have any idea how idiotic you sound? Oh no, the government is redistributing money it printed and gave out to big banks practically for free!

    I've quoted this before, but it perfectly explains the lengths people will go to pretend something that was given to them was earned:

    "Since inequalities of privilege are greater than could possibly be defended rationally, the intelligence of privileged groups is usually applied to the task of inventing specious proofs for the theory that universal values spring from, and that general interests are served by, the special privileges which they hold."

    I don't think there is a conservative idea out there at all that isn't centered on protecting privilege, whether it's earned or not.


    Hey derek. Third paragraph of your rant. I am glad you said something about printing MORE money. At the rate Obama has the treasury printing money, it will have the same value as toilet paper.So let's keep giving it away, and keep printing more. Right? Wrong!


    Frank... you're right however I think if the excessive printing continues toilet paper will have more value than American money... not the "same".

    hey derek... "Just look at the history of republican governance in america."

    I'll match that history with the Democrat-controlled cities. Name one large metro area controlled by Democrats for the past 40 years that isn't a failure... and that includes the one I live in. Truancy, school-dropouts, high crime rates, some of the highest murder rates in the nation, over-bloated government staffs, out of control spending...

    derek... history didn't begin 8 years ago.


    Thanks Joyce. Point well taken.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Again, it is just incredible how liberals keep sounding more and more like the looters and the brain dead characters from Atlas Shrugged. I honestly can't tell them apart. I'm going to start calling him Bertram Obama.



    because bankers that only have jobs now because of a government bailout are just so talented and john galt like.


    derek... last comment makes absolutely no sense... what drugs are you on... its not healthy.

    Challenge too much for the troll. Guess derek couldn't come up with the name of any successfully-run Dem city. Perhaps because there are none.




    derek... what no stats to back up your assumption?

    Atlanta may have some great progress toward financial successes regarding business growth in the area a decade ago...I'll give you that. It's at the expense of those in the snow-belt, manufacturing areas that are no longer... What's happening currently?

    40 years ago those Atlantans were movin' North in search of better jobs, better lives. I talked today with a 71-year-old lady of African descent regarding their relocation from Georgia to Wisconsin... She talked of hard work, responsibility for family... and wonders why the young of today do not have those values...

    Atlanta's growth comes with a price:

    Compare the 2009 crime stats of fairly similar size cities: Atlanta pop. 431,043 to Milwaukee pop 594,269...
    Murders (A) 149 (M) 109
    Rapes (A) 281 (M) 246
    Assaults (A) 4360 (M) 2066
    Rob/Burglary (A) 11766 (M) 8909

    It's scary in many areas of Milwaukee... would be interested to know how many feel safe in Atlanta?

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