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    April 15, 2010


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    If she loves Mexico so much she should go there.

    Karl Hungus

    These national pity parties look like so much fun! Oh, and everyone's wearing cute costumes!!



    Oh, the guy with the Nike sweatshirt and red baseball cap... with buttons attached?

    The old guy wearing the newsboys-type cap...

    Or the opposing tea partiers presence loud-mouth chick with "Mexico" blazed across her chest... and funky arm tattoos.

    The union T-shirts...

    To what "costumes" are you referring to karl?

    Another dictionary lesson: pity=sorrow felt for another's suffering. Didn't see any sorrow being expressed... what clip did you watch?


    I'm glad there were no loud mouth crashers walking in the crowd in Madison. Just a few signs on the back of planned parenthood signs. The fun part was when a few tea party people followed behind with signs pointing down stating "liberal".
    It was a beautiful day in Madison with great weather for the 2nd year. The Russ Feingold fans were across the street. The best was a sign that said "go russ go" - my thoughts exactly but a different meaning.


    Wow! re: the Liberal signs! Love it , kind of like the "I'm with Stupid" Shirts!

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