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    April 03, 2010


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    Home Country?? Home Country in Kenya?? Replayed several times just to make sure. And then I heard the other day (Don't know if it's true but have to tell you that after hearing this, Makes me go hmmmmm) that Barack Obama's Soc Sec # is from stating that the # originally issued to someone born in 1890 in CT. Do they reissue Soc Sec #'s??


    I wouldn't trust anything from Taitz at face value -- she's already submitted questionable evidence to the courts (such as BO's supposed Kenyan birth certificate -- remember that WND even questioned it). :-/

    But according to this: there is no need to reissue numbers:

    "SSA has issued about 365 million Social Security numbers, and about 10
    million new numbers are assigned each year. But even at this rate, there
    will be no need to reissue the same numbers, revise the present system, or
    devise a new numbering system for several generations. For this reason, SSA
    plans to continue using the nine-digit number."

    Now what remains to be seen is if BO's SSN is in fact the one Taitz claims it is.


    Misspoken? Home country? Hmmmm. The only U.S. president ever to have all of his records sealed... Why is that?

    No... I'm not asking for his birth certificate... I truly do not care if the man was born on the moon. I'd like to see his school records... did he register as a foreign student... what funding was he awarded... what classes did he take and what were his grades...


    Yes, let's see his writings. Let's see what earned him the job of being the editor of the HLR.

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