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    April 29, 2010


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    They ARE doing their job. They are the publicity wing of the left. The MSM will never point out the hypocrisy of the left. "Words" matter in their opinion, but only if they can be used AGAINST the right. They use the thuggish behavior of people like this woman to "support" their claim that the law is a "right wing hate law."


    You won't see this on any commie propaganda show.
    Are they going to ask to see our "Papers" before they murder us. Or are they going to figure any White person is a legal American?


    where is the roit police when you need them?


    It's remarks like that woman made ,that put fear into people and rash actions ensue. If I lived in Arizona, and had to move around those areas where I could be a target, I would be carrying.


    The riot police are in IL. harrassing and scaring Amy!

    Our Country is upside down just the way commie boy hussein wants it to be.


    All I have to say in response to those kinds of threats is: Click, click, BOOM! A 9mm will beat an axe or shovel any day!

    Maddie - Saukville

    I am carrying, Frank. I'll be judged by that panel of 12 before they carry my coffin (I am overweight). I think their protests are great! They woke a lot of Americans up in 08 and they saw a good number of illegals for what they are, criminals. It brought a lot of legal immigrants and naturalized citizens out who wanted to be here enough that they followed the rules and most of them have the moral compasses that they would anyway-exactly the immigrants our nation wants and needs.

    A day without illegals? How about 365 without illegals. Every day should be a day without illegals day!


    She sounded kind of... what's that word the media is so fond of these days? Angry. Violently angry at that.

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