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    April 06, 2010


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    Amanda Smith

    I cant even hypothetically imagine Obama diagreeing with that. Or his wife...
    I could hear Obama say "uh... no. Look, let me tell you something, because there has been a lot of misinformation and vitriol out there. uh... I dont want to use gas chambers. I dont want to kill grandma. *smile*" Everyone applauds.


    Agreed Amanda... and one can imagine the so-called "perfect" Hollywood people... for example Sean Penn who "see" no value in fly-over, common sense people willing to rollover and submit to "change".

    What would you expect from people lacking values and morals... some who believe that babies are a "punishment".

    Karl Hungus

    Glenn Beck also believes Jesus came to America following the resurrection. And his Mormon religion teaches that when we die we become like God and oversee our own universe.

    That's not's sacrilege.

    James T.

    Obama believed that when he was elected the waves would recede and you voted for him. Whats that make you Huggy Bear?


    Karl Hungus

    Huggy Bear? Stupid?

    Is that your idea of a conversation? Didn't Mamma teach you no manners?

    Understanding Beck's twisted religious beliefs helps explain his wacky political thinking. Comparing Obama to Hitler comes easy for a guy who believes the Book of Mormon is "more correct" than the Bible.

    Why do you idolize Beck?


    intellecual honesty time, and Nic the LeGioNoFZioN is back to lay it down. Beck wasn't directly comparing Obama to Hitler, but rather breaking down the false idea that Hitler was a right winger in any sense of the word. Hitler's ideas, his policy, his whole take on life was and remains more closer in step with leftist thinking than rightist thinking. Had Hitler lived he would have supported movements to the left as opposed to movements to the right.

    Karl, no one, or at least I know for a fact that neither James nor I idolize Glen Beck. I am generally somewhat uncomfortable with Beck and his style of presenting. But that alone does not disqualify him from speaking or from making an incredibly valid point, such as the modern body politic ascribing right wing charactersitics to a man who lived primarily on the left.

    Hope that moment of clarity assists in this conversation.


    My dear LegioNofZion,

    You always come back just in the "Nic" of time!!


    glad to be back, work has been more than busy and I leave for vacation in less than 3 weeks. Glad to hear the conersation continues.


    It's funny, the Left loved to compare George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler countless times, but let Glenn Beck expose Der Fuehrer's Socialistic views as those that are echoed by today's Left and the howls of protest abound.


    The insecurities of the right know no bounds.

    If you know anything about history, then you know that hitler killed communists and socialists. I mean, his ally was fascist Italy, not communist Russia (the nazi party was essentially modeled after italian fascism). That's not to say Hitler was right wing. But it's a bit amusing to watch the right pretend right wing populism doesn't exist. Hitler sought to build a 3rd german empire (third reich), leftists hold no allegiance to traditional institutions though. Like I said, that's not to say Hitler is on the right, hitler is hitler, just that the american right's insecurity with themselves is hilarious to watch.

    Hell, we even got a "but but but, they made fun of Bush" in here as icing on the cake.

    what a pathetic group of people


    "... leftists hold no allegiance to traditional institutions though."

    You're absolutely correct. The dependent lefties' loyalty is to entitlements... the less dependent leftie's worship misguided messiah's... two come to mind BHO & goracle.

    And lefties are never wrong... or at least never will admit it. "what a pathetic group of people"... Yes, I agree lefties are pretty pathetic.

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