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April 07, 2010


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The sad thing of it is that ten years ago I would have been that guy.

Bravo to the young lady who came up with this.


Priceless.....she just went Galt on him.


BornLib. I'm curious. What made you come to the light? Maybe you don't have time to share your whole life story, but I truly am curious as to what made you turn your back on a mindset that you once wholeheartedly believed it. (Maybe there is hope yet for Derek and BMI?)


Logic?? We don't need no stinkin' logic!!


It has been a long and gradual process. Getting a job and moving out of my parent's house was step one. It is much easier to rationalize dependence when one is living it.

The place where I got my job is sadly a union shop. Unions sure sounded great when I wasn't required to join one. I've gotten to see firsthand that Walter Williams was right, "the union's struggle, like that of any other seller, is mainly against their competition - other workers."

Eventually I moved to a new department which basically consisted of me and one other guy, who happened to be a conservative. Then I made a mistake, as a liberal I tried to challenge his political stance on the basis of substance and facts. Imagine my embarrassment when, upon my actually researching said facts, he was always right.

I've been listening to NPR News for 10 years now. Once I actually started paying attention, I watched the mainstream media destroy any credibility it used to have as unbiased over the last two years.

The last straw was when I started reading the work of Thomas Sowell. Every liberal economic policy collapses under his relentless logic.


Dear BornLib, I am happy for you. Many people who leave home end up using their common sense and realize the libs want to restrict and control their lives, all the while they live a much different life style off of your taxes.

I hope in the future you will have the opportunity to "pass it forward."

I have a great friend on facebook who just converted a lib and she will be attending the Tea Party in Madison on April 15th. If you can afford to take off from work I highly recommend going. My husband and I went last year and will be going again. If you have an interest there are buses going from different areas and are well worth the $24.99(per person) round trip ride.
Here is the link for the information.


I like how the guy said it wasn't a good comparison. But they were the ones saying "you shouldn't take it from them...they earned it" before they realized that's what conservatives say about taxation.

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Imagine my embarrassment when, upon my actually researching said facts, he was always right.

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