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    April 27, 2010


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    of course he's pissed off. he was found innocent, yet still gets slandered by dumbasses


    Disprove the facts derek... or just shut your wide-mouth! Why do lefties and greenies ignore facts?


    well, the facts are that the guy in question was cleared of any wrongdoing.

    and this is pretty factual too:

    "Global Temperatures Push March 2010 to Hottest March on Record"

    Hah, even with the volcano eruption, i'm still going with 2010 ending up being the hottest year on record when all is said and done.


    But the crazy thing is, even with that, first it's probably going to take a few years before the "the earth is cooling" meme dies in the right wing echo chamber. And even when the meme dies, it won't result in some recognition that you had no clue what you were talking about in the first place... you'll just move onto something even stupider that drudge or rush is saying.

    Maddie - Saukville

    He's miffed? He helps to perpetrate one of if not THE greatest hoaxes of all time, gets exposed as a liar and a cheat and his reputation has suffered unjustly?

    What a load.

    Maybe I should sue him for the mental anguish I've suffered living in a liberal media driven world that incessantly lectured me and forced me to change my life as sure as if it was at the end of a gun over this utter fallacy that is global warming that "Professor" Mann cooked up with a bunch of his hippie pals!

    Colleagues have shunned him? Aw, poor baby! The people he told to shut-up, the debate is over, anyone who disagrees is not really a scientist, revoke their degrees, who was in fact himself nothing but a lying con-mann all along is now receiving the due criticism of actual scientists who use actual data, actual facts and make evidence based arguments?!

    You made your global warming bed crybaby now freeze in it-lick a flagpole in the arctic so no one ever need hear your self indulgent lies again!

    James T.

    Derek = Delusional


    What's the saying... connect the dots? Yeah, let's... CCX... Joyce Foundation... BHO... Goldman Sachs (those evil guys according to the Dems)... Franklin Raines... Fannie/Freddie... Gore... GIM... Cap & Tax...

    Check it out:


    Yeah, businesses that deal in renewable energy win if cap and trade passes. That's the point. Unless you're rooting for one of bin laden's cousins over in Saudi Arabia, i don't see the point in caring


    If you read the report carefully regarding Penn State's investigation, they cleared Mann of not supressing or falsifying data, not destroying emails, and not misusing confidential info.

    They did NOT clear him of the charge of doing anything "that "seriously deviated from accepted practices" in scholarly research."

    In other words, they did not clear him of possibly cooking the data for the hockey stick graph.

    The three person committee even recommended his work be reviewed by a larger committee.

    And besides, these clowns have still not produced the data that was used to generate the hockey stick graph.

    I hope Mann brings a law suit so that we can finally get full disclosure of the data they so dutifully hide from the scientific public.

    Nice try, Derek.


    "In other words, they did not clear him of possibly cooking the data for the hockey stick graph."

    With that kind of logic, it'd be wrong NOT to speculate, m i rite

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