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March 18, 2010


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eh, i come from a part of the country that has a ton of amazing public universities. UVA, UNC-chapel hill, william and mary (not that university of wisconsin madison is anything to sneeze at) so for the most part it seems that private universities have you paying for a name more then anything else.

besides, what makes you think you'd be able to afford your own education today james? this isn't 1967... we're talking real money here.

Dan K.

Education would be quite affordable if the government wasn't trying to make it so affordable - when so many people are capable of raising the money (thanks to government-guaranteed loans), colleges can raise prices without losing students.


Excellent coverage of this incident.

It will exonerate the security from all of the lies she will make up about her arrest.

Dan K.

"You're making me continue to do this..."

This is why personal responsibility is so important. No one is making her do anything except her. This idea that other people and circumstances are SO vital to our behaviors is just a mindset that empowers other people and circumstances rather than empowering the individual.

This student shouldn't have let someone bother her so much. There are probably a lot of publicly-paid educators who aren't big fans of mine, but I don't see how the student isn't 100% in the wrong here.


Having been a student for most of my life, and a teacher for a short time (prior to Grad school), I totally applaud this particular arrest. This sistah's behavior (and language) in the classroom are beyond horrible. She got what she deserved. Man!!!


I was hanging out in the kids area at a local ymca with my kids shortly before it closed around noon last saturday. A woman of a similar bent as the woman in the video came in and asked the ymca employee to watch her junior high daughter. She kindly said that the room will be closing in 5 minutes. The woman proceeded create a highly uncomfortabe situation saying she pays good money for the y and they should watch her kids whenever she comes in and how every time she comes in they are closed. The y worker did a great job diffusing the situation, but I nearly had to step in. totally entitled, totally ignorant, and totally ghetto this woman was. The worker pointed out that she could have checked the schedule in the program guide as well as the internet which clearly has everything marked.

The UW-m situation was handled well. Listening to the audio today reminded just how important it is to teach my kids how you treat those in authority over you, including teachers. We need to treat professors, teachers, elders with respect and be aware of decorum, even if they might be wrong.

Similar to how kids and parents are today vs even 15 years ago. Parents have no problem dressing teachers and coaches down in front of their kids not realizing what that teaches them. When i was in school, even if my parents disagreed with a teacher or coach, they never let me know. If a teacher or coach complained about something we did or how we behaved, we were going to get it at home.


Well you know, well maybe you don't.

I was a teacher, and a coach for over eight total years.

The woman started out by saying sorry if she was disrespectful. We didn't see the start of things I don't think.

She was cussing WAY too much. I didn't like it when one of the security guards said 'Relax-Bitch'! to her. This was not professional. In my former teaching job, and now as a health care provider, one must remain professional, even when faced with difficult and challenging situations.

She brought it upon herself and was way out of line.
An after class one on one discussion may have been a better suggestion.

Derek, do you really believe that James T. couldn't afford a premier college today?

Oh yea, you are the one that said working for the fed, as a air traffic confuser, that you would make more than all of us?

Although you spout the liberal mindset, I really didn't think you were that out of touch with peoples incomes, etc.


"Derek, do you really believe that James T. couldn't afford a premier college today?"

i'm saying james t would be paying a hell of a lot more to go to school now than did back last century.

simple facts, tuition has risen faster than inflation, wages haven't. So i roll my eyes at that "i paid for my own education" nonsense. this isn't the mid eighties.


Sail'n, I believe that was, "Relax, okay?" An important distinction. The only person cursing in this video was the woman herself.


Derek, that's just plain bullshit. I have three kids in college. Two in public, one in private at $30K/yr. Yet I give them all only $2500/year and expect them to figure out the rest. By some amazing means...they all do. I've instilled the "No Free Ride" mandate in my household since birth. They all have some combination of grants, work, scholarships, and student loans, and they're all doing just fine. Next year it will be 4 in college with the same rules. It's no different in percentage of income that in was in 1978 when I started college. I agree that the GSL program needs some tweaking. Not surprising though, I'm not in favor of the "Big Government Solution" And Pedro, stop whining like a little girl about being a victim and do something constructive like mentoring these kids who you find it so easy to put into the victim class. Stop asking for the Government to do the job that parents should do. Life is fair....it's just not equal. It's up to the individual to determine their own future. We all live by the same laws. If you want to expend energy filing a grievance and looking for someone to blame instead of bettering yourself and those around you than that's on you. You will find little quarter among this group.


Derek, be honest.... public universities are heavily supported by the taxpayers. Have you ever looked at "out of state" tuition for these public schools? I'm not giving a pass to private universities or the whole educational establishment in general, but honesty must play a role here. In the case of the U of Wisconsin, professors who fail in their academic teachings and are released by their departments are given " back up jobs" by the University, often with a large compensation package,(100k+) which of course applies towards their state pension package even though they were released from their positions at the University, but still work there. I know a guy who spent 25 years in the Navy and worked for the Wisconsin Lottery for five years. He is now drawing full Navy pension and pension from the State of Wisconsin for 30 years of Service...in Government! For those of you following along at home, he's getting a 30 year state pension, even though he worked here for 5 years because his Navy service time is added to his official State service time for pension calculations, plus his full Navy pension. Yet my state is crying poor, I wonder why. I have many such stories. Why do Government employees get the perks? Do the rest of us?

James T.

What did the hand say to the face?



No one MADE HER do anything. This is still America... she had the right to do and say anything she chose... up until the point where her conduct disrupted the class time. At that point the student infringed on the rights of the others in class... on their time and educational right.

The student chose to further disrupt by not leaving the classroom. She invited trouble: "you're gonna hafta carry my a## outta here..."

Does anyone think this a learning moment for her? I'm betting no... unless she's able to knock that entitlement chip off her shoulder.


And there is no law that says you need to go to college somewhere far away for 4 years and live on campus.

There are other, non-traditional ways of obtaining a quality degree. How quickly you accomplish it is up to your and your resources. You can do it by taking 1-2 classes a semester year round and not sink into deep debt like you do with the traditional route.

It's time to start thinking outside of the box.


my main point is that taking out tens of thousand's of dollars in loans isn't responsible or self empowering. it damn sure doesn't magically make college affordable. (no more then getting a credit card means you can afford a 52 inch TV now) no, it's not hard to find money to go to school, that isn't the point. the point is that the cost of education is way more of a burden now then it ever was in american history.

Dan (BipolarNation.com)

"my main point is that taking out tens of thousand's of dollars in loans isn't responsible or self empowering. "

Well, it CAN be, if for example you're doing it to pursue the dream of becoming a doctor or a lawyer.

But you're right, not everyone should be taking on that kind of debt. That's why it SHOULD be harder to do. There should be less people going to college.

Dan (BipolarNation.com)

Also, do you notice that high government involvement in the payment of college tuition seems to correspond with high tuition prices?


I've never actually looked up the numbers to see how the correlate, but that's not an idea I dispute. The logical foundation is good. But the impact of simply ending government involvement in the loan side is drastic. A kid out of high school is not going to get thousands of dollars from a bank. That's simply not a natural function of the market.

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