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    March 27, 2010


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    James T.

    Obama, Obama, Obama!


    The idea that a bunch of slave owners, that only allowed property owning white males to vote didn't establish an oligarchy in the first place shows a ridiculously naive view of history.

    I really don't understand founding father worship. They were MEN, nothing more nothing less. The constitution is a political document that's been amended many times. It's also the second try at government that we had. It also didn't prevent us from having a civil war. Essentially it's a treaty between 13 countries. It contains moral selling out (why do you think you were 3/5's of a person) and various other "backroom" deals.

    It's our job to make this a more perfect union. It damn sure wasn't created that way. whether or not we're a republic founded on limited government doesn't tell me if we should elect senators or if state governments should. It doesn't tell me if the electoral college makes sense. Whether the judiciary should serve for life, whether congressmen should have term limits, or when to amend the constitution etc.


    So are you saying we should be an oligarchy instead of a republic?


    i'm saying that the answers to the world's questions aren't found in slogans and phrases


    Like "hope & change", "yes we can"... those kinds of "slogans and phrases"?

    "'s a treaty between 13 countries." Which "countries" are those?

    "I really don't understand founding father worship." But of course worshipping at the the goracle's AGW altar... now that blind faith.


    ""'s a treaty between 13 countries." Which "countries" are those?"

    that would be the 13 colonies. 13 different currencies, militias, governments etc.
    Virginia's interests weren't New York's and vice versa.

    "Like "hope & change", "yes we can"... those kinds of "slogans and phrases"?"

    I don't think you accuse the left of not having an actual platform. I mean, what else have you all been crying about.


    Derek, what are your ideas for this republic?


    federally, term limits for the house, get rid of the senate completely. an amendment for real campaign finance reform.

    i'd want to do something about congressional districts, but i haven't settled my mind on how i think districts should be drawn up.

    that's a start.


    so derek... you'd want everyone to abide by your form of government... how very gracious of you.

    LOL... even self-centered children are not that arrogant.

    BHO move over... derek wants to rule a new government after 222 years of a republic... in which the people (when listened to) have had a voice.

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