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March 28, 2010


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“By a 62% to 12% margin, Mainstream Americans say the Tea Party is closer to their views.”


Guess that means 12% are still stuck on getting their "news" from mslsd?


fact is, more people gathered in washington for immigration reform yet it didn't get anywhere near the coverage of this. i assume it's because the crowd wasn't made up of "real america" (i.e. white people from flyover country)


oh yea! at least .1% of the 12 million illegals had enough money to make the trip to DC... of course they had the backing of SEIU to help with finances. And SEIU had plenty of members on hand to pad the numbers to 11,000 or so. Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm. Barry even spoke via video... what a guy.


The media usually avoids covering stuff like this. The protests against the war in iraq were practically blacked out. the 2006 immigration rallies (which were HUGE, i mean 500,000 people in dallas, 300,000 in chicago, huge) were treated like blips on the radar.

get a thousand old white people together and it's a media circus.


"...thousand old white people..."

Guess again buckaroo... you reading huffpo again... no let me guess got it straight from Ed Schultz?

Really derek... we're better informed than that. 500,000... prove it!



half a mill in LA


three hundred thousand chicago


350-500 thousand in dallas

That's over a million people. Virtually ignored (compared to the tea parties) and they damn sure didn't get immigration reform. But they weren't the right target demographic to get sympathy from the media. Welcome to the real silent majority


Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm. "...real silent majority..." Fairly loud voices for people who chose to sneak across the border, work and send money home to their native country... and then voice demands.

Name another country that would allow more than 10-million people to just illegally reside... and demand that the country reform its policies? Anyone???


10 million people don't get here by accident. business interests create the demand and tell the government to look the other way, period.

that doesn't mean i think we need to keep up a system that creates an underclass of people in this country though.


"...business interests create the demand and tell the government to look the other way..." Ever hear the old saying two wrongs do not make a right?

"that doesn't mean i think we need to keep up a system that creates an underclass of people in this country though."

Tell that to the president and the democrats in congress. Tell me again how exactly the deficit will be reduced with this huge new entitlement?

Have they "created and saved" any jobs recently? Wonder how many more unemployed due to the insurance companies that will likely go belly up the next couple of years?

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