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March 26, 2010


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"The Republican Party claims to be conservative because they stand for family, God, morality, do not support gay or abortion rights, and believe in tradition and heritage. The difference between their conservatism and Black conservatism is that they have power, wealth, influence, and they do not want any system to change their advantage. The Blacks on the other hand lacks all these things and have no advantage. "
(Why Blacks Vote Democrat
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
May 2007)

James T.

I love it when Socialist try to define conservatism.

Pedro, Ask Mr. Aimuwu what "Black conservatism" is and why he attempts to only define it by what it is not.
"Power, wealth and influence" do not define an ideology.

Try again.


hey Pedro... rethink those comments... most of the conservatives I know do not fit your description. I'm conservative... I do not have wealth, power or influence... neither does anyone in my family. What I do believe in is God, personal responsibility, a smaller less-corrupt government and the free market.

James T.

Gosh Joyce... I'm black, conservative and golly gee whiz I have the same values as you!

Go figure!


James T - Great posting! But, I think you hurt poor widdle derek's feelings :(

So, derek I am asking you just how you think the Dems are making your life better? As a first generation American I can proudly say the many ways the Republicans have made and are still trying to make my life better.

Brew City Firefighter

I'm a hispanic conservative and I agree with James. Sad to say I also believe that this same syndrome crosses over to the majority of hispanics as well.

Bill Rahming

Excellent, excellent article!!!


Yea... "go figure!" ;-0

Funny thing is there are a lot of liberals who are closet conservatives... but have been afraid to step out into the sunshine. Why do you think there are former democrats attending tea parties...


James, Americans of African descent need a role model like you. Maybe you should be more available to them here in Milwaukee. When is your next lecture? When?

James T.

My next lecture is Monday Night. But I hold weekly lectures on my radio show Pedro!


And out of curiosity, what percentage of your audience is the one we speak about James?

James T.

I have never been asked that loaded question before...
What percentage of Bill Cosby's audience was black? What percentage of Jesus' audience was gentile when he lectured the masses? What percentage of his audience is Jewish today?

While liberals like you tend to be obsessed with racial identity, I and "my audience" tend to be motivated by ideas...

Does that help ya Pedro?


No, I am not obsessed about racial identity. After all, you selected the topic, not me. I feel you never give a straight answer though. I guess I can't blame you. Thanks anyway.


excellent article... freedom comes with a price tag - you have to stand on your own and are responsible for yourself... some people can't handle that pressure.


GOP = Racists
GOP = Stupid
BHO = G O D !!!!!

James T.

" I guess I can't blame you."

Oh Pedro, for some reason condescension just doesn't work for you...

Try harder.


Hey Phil... your IQ is showing. Did your post make you "feel" superior?


James, I think it's interesting you use Jesus and Bill Cosby as examples. Both are way out of your league. Wow, humbleness is an attribute not many have.
Try harder :)

James T.

You thought it so interesting that you missed the point.

Are you that dull?

My humbleness has nothing to do with my example. However, your cynicism speaks volumes.

I suspect you know nothing of Jesus or Bill Cosby, hence your ignorant comment.


Ok James, back to the topic that you started. You basicallly claim African Americans or "Americans of African descent" carry a sickness because the majority don't vote Republican and instead they vote Democrat. Great, I got the point.
My point is simply that for you it is easier for you to claim your point in this blog because the majority of your readers/ listeners are not African American. If they were, you would not post anything like this.
Have you read your last sentence? Don't you find your conclusion a bit dangerous?
By the way, I also find it dangerous for you to compare a Democrat to a Nazi.
Now, I would respectfully welcome your reply.


Pedro, Why don't you post your blog site here. I for one would love to check it out. And I am sure others here would be interested too.

Show us what a blog site is really suppose to look like.

I will be waiting. :)


Ha,ha. You may have to get checked for Stockholm Syndrome in order to work at TMJ.

James T.

Pedro, as I suspected you missed the point entirely.

I suspect you are a troll. Careful Pedro, Maddy doesn't like trolls.


Oh I like trolls, just like a cat likes a mouse until it gets bored with it. ha ha

Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm!
Are you a tasty little troll pedro??


You have an interesting perspective, but I am not clear how reliable your expertise is in the field of psychology so I do not know how valid is your opinion. My questions to you are:
What republican achievements can be used as eye openers so this group can finally vote republican?
Which Republican leaders are currently active in the community you describe and help open up their eyes?
Why should the group be Republican?

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