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    March 18, 2010


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    that was incredibly well put and straight to the point. the democrats have been in the driver seat since 2006 congressionally speaking.


    it's well put when you pretend the veto power doesn't exist. or you pretend policies like the war on terror, medicare part d, no child left behind, the bush tax cuts etc.,have no impact on the budget out side of the year they were instituted.

    the bush tax cuts alone account for trillions in lost revenue.


    so by your logic this is as much Obama's fault as it is the democratic congress, I'm not an Obama fan and even I don't buy that logic. Had bush vetoed everything the dems put before him he would be even more unpopular than he already is. Politics is the art of compromise, and thats what your elected officials of both parties do. Does Bush deserve any blame, hell yeah, he was the man in charge at the time, but the dems were steering, so more of this sits on their heads than Bush or Obama, in all honesty.


    "Had bush vetoed everything the dems put before him he would be even more unpopular than he already is."

    A lameduck is a lameduck. Why would he care about his popularity? Was he magically going to run for office again? I'm just stating the facts. You can't pretend like he's some innocent bystander, the veto power is huge and he had it.

    fact is, (if you put 2009 with obama like james did) the largest bush deficits are 2008, 2004, 2003 and 2005. only one of those years had democrats in charge.

    i swear you people just say whatever comes to your mind without even thinking to look it up


    I mean, medicare part d alone will cost more over the next 10 years than Obamacare will and that passed in 2003... and unlike obamacare it's unfunded.

    Does the word accountability even exist in the GOP


    You are absolutely correct derek... Bush did not care about popularity. He made a big, big mistake of not using the veto on any of the Dem spending.

    You are delusional if you think Obamacare will not surpass any entitlement spending... and you're still saying that 30 million more people will be shoved onto the medicare rolls. Dream on little boy... you'll be paying for Obamacare til' you're 65. Correction... by the time you are allowed to retire the age to retire will have shifted to 70... or perhaps more since there are fewer of you youngsters paying for the darn government handouts.

    By that time you may as well move to Cuba... the weather is great there and you'll be living in the same economic conditions ;-)

    Unless of course you're drinkin' the goracle kool-aid and think the earth will burn up... or get washed away.

    Nice bunch of leaders you and your ilk are worshipping!

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