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    March 19, 2010


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    James T.

    I think Derek would have cussed the farmer out and called him a selfish right wing bastard.


    Speaking of gnat I am %90 positive that he is no longer at air plane school.

    He has spent way too much time posting his silliness here to be training to land planes.

    Yes true to form gnat has quit yet another thing. Yes all of those riches that come with the government job ($50-70 per year) were not enough to keep gnats interest. I guess he didn't realize air plane school was about air planes and not all about him. That is why he has been posting so much.

    Well enough about crazy people. This video was great and it was surprising to me to see it here today because I saw earlier that Fess Parker who played Davy Crockett on TV died yesterday. He was 84 years old. RIP


    i haven't been in academy since the beginning of the year, already graduated. training at the facility involves a TON of downtime. For example, tomorrow it's going to snow, won't be a lot of traffic. Not only that, but we're usually short on Saturday's. So chances are, i will get maybe an hour of training and spend the rest of the time... doing what i want.

    my response to the video is that the farmer... like most americans, has no working knowledge of the constitution. interestingly enough though, his argument is somewhat leftist. He essentially complains that the unfairness of using public money for charity is that the process used to fund taxation is regressive (listen to his complaint about tariffs having to be paid regardless of income, and rich congressmen avoiding charity). It's essentially a backdoor argument for progressive taxation.
    in short... listen closely to the things that you post.


    and why the hell do you tea partiers need all these learning aids. grown ass men dressing up, old school tv shows... you know, you could just look this stuff up. like adults.

    First thing's first, if you haven't even looked in this book, i don't want to hear the words unconstitutional come out of your mouth.

    Start there then you can work your way up. Davy Crockett can wait


    In response to derek,

    Perhaps the real targets of to whom this video should be shown to ARE the legislators who currently are nothing but corrupt idiots hellbent on throwing the Constitution in the garbage. Another video that should be shown is Schoolhouse Rock's "I'm just a Bill" seeing as they are trying to find ways to "pass" the bill without actually voting on it....

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