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March 27, 2010


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L Larson

First time commenter, long time follower! I will definitely be there (with recruits). I am a big fan of BOTH of you!!

Andrea A.

James, Does Pastor King have a website to donate to to support him? (for those that know they cannot attend) Maybe where we can read more about him too. ??



Donations can be made securely online.

Pastor King is Founder of Milwaukee God Squad and candidate for Secretary of State. We could use his entrepreneurial, hands-on background of helping people make real change and find faith in their lives -- all without government money!

BTW: The office of Secetary of State has been the head authority to oversee elections and assure Americans (i.e., Wisconsinites) of the fairness and respectability of elections. Currently 7 Sec of States are currently ACORN folks and, if I remember right, the rest are currently Dems.

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