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    February 18, 2010


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    This is awesome.

    Thank you Way Up North and James T.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I love it. BlackinMiami-take yourself a potty break, I'm warming up the soap box.

    Seriously, is it too late to apologize? I mean, there is no reason to expect an apology at this point. The Ruling Class has no inkling as to the level of betrayal that I think many Americans feel. But for the sake of argument, say they did apologize. How long after do we wait to see if it is just another empty apology?

    This George Soros attempt to usurp the Constitution again, this abomination to make fly-over country as irrelevant as he and the Ruling Class thinks it is, is only but the latest insult, the latest slap in the Founding Father's faces, the latest move away from freedom and liberty that they are attempting to impose on us no less clearly than they would impose a tax.

    So is it too late? If it is, what are we going to do about it?

    I renew my statement of opinion that the system is broken beyond repair. The elitist's, the career-rulers, the looters, cannot be removed effectively by We The People. They are too well entrenched. They are too well connected. There is no getting away from the status quo.

    I'm sick of it! I want my country back! I feel we have to start getting it back by taking back our Congress.




    Does every single member of Congress fail their constituency completely and regularly-I don't think so, but the bushel is so spoiled, I don't know how we have a choice but to throw out the entire bunch.

    The term limit is the ideal method of eliminating career politicians. It's cheap. It's simple. It's effective. 4 years, 6 years, 8 years, whatever and you're gone-forever, your civic responsibility satisfied.

    We The People-equalizing the opportunity to serve. How do you do it. I'll renew my initial opinion on it again. High School equivalency tests in English, Math, Science and Social Studies are given just as civil service exams are given now. Passing candidates are put into a lottery. There it is. If we want to have a popular vote, draw five names, have debates, one debate on the public airwaves-take money out of it. Broadcasters fulfill their civic responsibility by providing the time and facilities. Have a debate week if you want. Cover major concerns one per day.

    I don't know the best way to go about it. I know the way it is has become so mangled, so bastardized from what it was intended, it can't be the way to continue going about it.

    So let's do it. I don't want another civil war, what can we do in the middle? March? It would have to be the largest in the history of the earth. Washington D.C. would have to shut down, it would have to disrupt the status quo, have to command the attention of every media outlet, have to be impossible to write off or lip service for a few days.

    Peacefully, we need to make the point that would next come at the end of the barrel of a gun if ignored.

    I think the people who frequent this site can do this. I think we want to do it. I'm talking to the BiMs here also-this isn't about Democrats or Republicans because they are both destroying our nation.

    I relinquish the soap box.


    The problem with those "in power" is they rarely relinquish it without a fight. Another problem is they don't live in the real world and have a tendency to overlook the obvious. The people are telling them what it is they need to do in order for us to get out of the mess we find ourselves in. Unfortunately they believe they are much too smart to listen to the unwashed masses and will continue on their path of destruction. This in turn will force the people to do what is necessary for them to survive, and save the country they see being stolen from them.
    My question is, as obvious as George Soros' plan to destroy this country is, why is he not being deported as an enemy of this country? He is an immigrant is he not?


    this is democracy, and we all get the government we deserve.

    unfortunately for me, that involves witnessing the baby boomer free ride come to it's end, bringing the rest of us down with them



    The government we deserve?

    WTF is that?

    Sounds as though you have a very low self esteem going on there.


    No prob Maddy, glad to provide some musical goodness. I just dug this version, its clever and doesn't come across as cheap. I like it better than its pop inspiration


    " boomer free ride..." Is that the coming ride for thousands of 50+ age boomers that are now on the unemployment roll? Please explain who will give someone age 54 or better a job earning a sustainable wage?

    There is no "free ride" Derek... not for boomer generation, and most especially not for your generation... another reminder your great "one" ... that wonderfully experienced leader has made sure your generation and unborn generations will be paying for the misspent dollars Congress has thrown away.

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