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February 25, 2010


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To take on his ideas on their merits and not attack the person, the only thing i have to say is that his proposal is exactly what we did for credit card companies. The reason not to trust states with regulation is that states have perverse incentives. States will make their regulation decisions based on pleasing insurance companies (so the companies come to their states) rather then protecting consumers. That's the thing about republicans that gets me. None of you understand the difference between pro-business policies and pro-market policies. Businesses don't like competition or consumer power. Go back to the credit card example, consumer power? Nil. Competition... well, only if you consider the choice between visa or mastercard to be competition (they make up like 85 percent of the market). So we know how credit cards turned out, why do the same for healthcare? That's insane and the only winner's out of that are insurance companies.

Now that that's out the way... Paul Ryan voted for medicare part D, so to hear him bitch about federalized insurance is hilarious
I hate to kneecap a GOPer that can actually walk and chew gum, but idea guy or not, he's still a hypocrite and still a part of some of this country's worst fiscal decisions. Pick better idols. Preferably ones with credibility


Between his honesty and common sense, Paul Ryan unintentionally came out looking more Presidential than hussein could if we gave him 20 years to be a President.

gnat, snake oil salesman hussein couldn't even respond to this...lol he had a lacky do it!

hussein showed every one yesterday that not only does "sham care" suck, he sucks too. This side show that back fired on him will help drop his approval numbers even more.

Oh hussein you got the "peoples" attention all right. In your attempt to once again try to be the star, the man, the almighty, people got to watch you for a day stumble, fumble and hold your fingers to your mouth to keep from screaming "i am hussein the great, you will do as i say and NEVER question me."

gant, yesterday was a horrible day for hussein and a great day for Americans.


derek. Why do you believe a non-interested government employee is a better decision maker for your health care? Do you believe that non-interested person will know better than your doctor, or you what kind of care you need; or if you do need a medical procedure?

In the pseudo-academic response RE: credit card you failed to bring up deregulation... hmmm... Wonder why?

You claim that businesses dislike competition. Name a successful business that isn't successful because of the competition.

You began the rant saying "... not attack the person..." But you do in your end paragraph: "hypocrite". Sounds as though you'd rather deny elderly assistance in paying for needed drugs. At least some do not have to decide between eating, turning off the heat in their homes and buying a drug that provides them quality of life. Unless of course you believe they should eat dog food... or perhaps just die... they've lived long enough?


It isn't deregulation so much as favorable regulation, but that's besides the point. I bring up credit card companies because the intent is the exact same. Pretending health insurance will end up differently makes no sense.
As for bringing up medicare, it's to show this hilarious cognitive dissonance conservatives have about government healthcare.


Maybe i took for granted that you all know the republican proposal. With credit card companies, the supreme court said regulations in one state don't apply to a credit card company located in another state. After that ruling, all the credit card companies moved to states with regulations they liked. (delaware, south dakota).
The republican proposal for healthcare is to allow the same rule. Democrats are fine with selling insurance across state lines, but the democrat solution would entail regulations being made at the federal rather then state level.

BUT because the republican goal is deregulation, they don't like the federal democrat solution. So now i hear all the whining about the federal government setting insurance standards... as though they don't already do it with medicare.


Actually most states set up in Delaware because they have the most favorable laws regarding the set up of a corporation. Nothing at all to do with credit laws. Pretty common sense if you understand law...


Thanks Happenstance... beat me to the punch this time. Off babysitting for the generation saddled with BHO's stimulus deficit!

Karl Hungus

Why does Paul Ryan want to balance the budget on the backs of poor seniors?


Karl... scare-tactic talking points AGAIN?

Learn to read, you may learn something.

From Rep. Ryan's Roadmap Plan: “For future Medicare beneficiaries who are now under 55 or younger (those who first become eligible on or after 1 January 2021), the proposal creates a standard Medicare payment to be used for the purchase of private health coverage. Currently enrolled Medicare beneficiaries and those becoming eligible in the next 10 years (i.e. turning 65 by 1 January 2021) will see no changes in the current structure of their Medicare benefits.”

Of course, perhaps you do not care how much BHO will tax working Americans on "his" plan. Still believing the lies "you'll keep your doctor, keep your insurance, deficit neutral"?


beat to what punch? my point still stands. delaware having favorable corporate laws only matters if other states can't enforce regulations on delaware businesses. Otherwise, who cares? That's exactly what happened with the supreme court ruling. A credit card company in delaware can sell you their credit card in Virginia without being subject to virginia regulations as a result of that ruling. THAT is when it became advantageous to businesses to seek to operate in states with favorable legislation

Republicans want to do the same thing to insurance... which will lead to the same outcome, insurance companies will seek states with laws that favor insurance companies. As a person that understands that there is more to a market than the business side, I don't see a favorable outcome. Just like there wasn't one for credit cards.

I can take out all words over 3 syllables for you guys if you want.


Don't. Like. Credit. Cards?

Don't. Use.

Easy enough for you to grasp?

Can't say the same for health insurance... at some point one needs to use it.


Derek, nothing in any of your arguments has any merit. The US Constitution was set up with the sole purpose of defining the role of our Government, and also limiting it. AKA No Government Healthcare... Your arguments, if you can call them that, are nothing more than tit for tat justification of your socialist world view, yet have no basis in a constitutional view of what's going on today. I have no doubt that you would like worldwide gumdrops and rainbows as well. But grownups view the world differently, because we have to pay for it. I'm conservative, not Republican, yet you put everyone who doesn't think as you do into one group and dismiss all of us. Are you an Anilsky guy or what? It would seem so. What binds us all together is greater that what puts us apart, yet you continue to be a tool who only sees what you want to believe, and presents facts to support only those views. This can take place on both sides of any viewpoint however so you are not alone. Here, I'll give you a few lines to get your liberal juices flowing:
Bush Lied....wait, that's pretty much the playbook for liberals since Mr Hope & Change has destroyed all of the talking points. Quite seriously. I wish you no ill will. I just think that you are chasing a false god and you would be better served by directing your energies elsewhere. Take Care!


Not only does he not know why companies locate to Delaware (hell I will give him SD), but just don't tell me that you making the credit card comparison is your own idea...

Karl Hungus

Ryan's Roadmap to Ruin will slash Medicaid assistance and force seniors out on the streets. The lucky ones will be sent to nursing homes to await their appointment before the death panels that Charles Grassley keeps talking about. This is not health care - it is corporatized medicine!


Here you go karl. Why don't you read what Paul Ryans Road Map for America is about instead of getting your talking rants from white house dot gov.

Get back to me with the specific info. that backs up your ridiculous statements.

You know karl I don't even think you are a lunatic lib, I think you are just a lunatic. :)



Maddy... I provided karl the link in earlier post. Guess he doesn't READ!

See. Karl. Run. Perhaps the extent of his reading comprehensive skill?

Karl Hungus

According to the Roadmap to Ruin - "Allows Medicaid recipients to take part in the same variety of options and high-quality care available to everyone through the tax credit option."

That is all clever code for what Grassley wants to do with his death panels. Seniors won't get tax credits because they do not produce anything to tax, i.e. labor. Anyone who has a senior citizen loved one should call Paul Ryan and ask why he wants old folks to shoulder the burden of his corporate plan.


LOL Joyce!

I give up karl you are a lunatic.


karl... you seem math and reading challenged. Lot of words in the roadmap... perhaps you need help to pick out the key points?

I pulled out a key statement to rebut your claim: "...wants old folks to shoulder the burden..."

"Retention of Medicare for Those 55 and Older. Clearly, the transition to this restructured Medicare Program should protect those at or near retirement – people who have long planned on the existing Medicare Program for their retired years."

Karl Hungus

"Clearly...this...should protect..."

Let us hope so for your sake Joyce. I would hate to see you pushed out under the Roadmap to Ruin. Now you should read some of Paul Ryan's history in Congress. He is not to be trusted based on his voting record.


boo hoo karl. no need to worry about me... worry about yourself if the dems push this through, particularly if you are younger than 50.


alright happenstance, here's some homework. figure out why a health insurance company can't sell insurance in any other state without following that state's regulations.

then figure out why credit card companies can.

THEN you can talk to me. until then, read book.


as for bryce, you have to read the constitution to be able to defend it.

you figure out a way to tell me that healthcare has nothing to do with interstate commerce, and i'll tell you why you're a dumbass.


Did I hurt your feelings Derek? I'm sorry.


so you couldn't figure out a way to say healthcare had nothing to do with commerce? that's what i thought. how about you stop getting your ideas on constitutionality from talk show hosts and chain letters

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