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    February 10, 2010


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    Rex Murphy, a canuck if I ever saw one. Middle of the road idologically. Impressive video James, I like.


    this past january... hottest recorded.

    let me guess, that's just coincidence.

    ideology doesn't change reality. whether its middle of the road or not.


    No Derek climate does actually change on the regular. It has never been static in all of human observation. Some periods are warmer and others are colder. I don't believe the human influence on carbon dioxide emissions is significant in the grand scheme to affect the weather greatly or more so than it would already change. If you happen to have access to some science we don't then please present it, I am a reasonable man and I can weigh whatever you bring to the table. that said to have Rex Murphy of the CBC the Canadian equivalent of NPR, only much larger and in every household and car, address the climategate scandal, and to reveal its impact without filtre is a great first step. If actual data were to show man's effect on climate were significant I would change my tune, but so far the only data that shows that is also under scrutiny for manipulation. Can you with clear conscience actually blame any of us for being skeptical, because right now, the only folks not skeptical are the faithful believers. Do you adhere more greatly to belief and faith or reason and logic Derek ?

    Pick your pony, the race is on.


    Washington DC closed down because of snow. DC since the global warming summit has been hit by two major snow storms. Reality - it is not getting hotter. Snow does not exist in Hot. Where I am from January was not the hottest on record, but rather it was average temps, for January. We have gotten more snow this January than the last 5 Januarys.

    I am still looking for the increase in temptrature. Every since al gore announced global warming the temprature in my part of the world has decreased. cooler summers, colder winters.

    I realy do want my share of global warming. It seems derek you are hogging it all.

    Well what do I expect from one so full of hot air.


    Are you all aware, that before this current snow storm;

    Washington D.C. has already had 300%, (OK, you got me, actually it was about 297%) of it's average Yearly snowfall! And, it's still going on this winter. Over 3 times the average yearly snowfall, in one year!

    Now that's poetic justice! It's almost as if God is so pissed off at all the taxpayers being raped over this lie, he said, here, have 3 times the snow THIS year!!


    meanwhile, back in the rest of the world that doesn't revolve around the east coast:

    "Providing snow in the midst of a Canadian winter ought to be relatively uncomplicated. But the efforts of the Vancouver games organising committee to ensure sufficient snow cover for the opening day on Friday could just about qualify as an Olympic event in its own right."

    yeah, warmest january on record. apparently we serve different gods


    gnat, are you ever going to stop being boring, dry and full of sh#t??

    Just asking.


    Enjoying the hot temps in Rio, Derek?

    Of course you do know it is hot in Rio this time of year because they have SUMMER... the season that is likely to have hotter temperatures.


    @ Diane,

    you wrote-

    "Washington DC closed down because of snow. DC since the global warming summit has been hit by two major snow storms. Reality - it is not getting hotter. Snow does not exist in Hot. Where I am from January was not the hottest on record, but rather it was average temps, for January. We have gotten more snow this January than the last 5 Januarys"

    Climate does not change regularly. Weather does. Two closely related but different phenomena. Climate is the prevailing conditions of a given region over a long period of time. Usually 60 years or more. Weather is the day to day, or short term variation in the climatic conditions of that particular region. Usually over a two week period.

    Washington DC and the Mid Atlantic being closed down for a week due to heavy snow fall is not climate change and therefore says nothing about whether or not Global Warming is real.

    Your argument is unscientific and very fifth grade.


    Derek you ignored my challenge. Please address my post here from yesterday. In fact it is funny you would bring up the lack of snow in Vancouver. It is record breaking but according to Environment Canada, our unequivocal environmental and weather watchdogs, it's all caused by El nino ....

    So Derek you get no respect for intellectual dishonesty or sloppy work. BiM on the other hand, cleared up Diane's mistatement and did so without the childish invective Derek so often employs. Kudos to you BiM. I think we would all be better served by trying to stay on topic about the issues of concern. As much as Derek may bother from time to time I think it is on all of us to uphold a certain level of civility. this needn't be an us vs them argument. We can bring all of our ideas out and each will take from it what each will.


    "Your argument is unscientific and very fifth grade."

    That is what bim said to Diane.

    Yeah Legion, not childish at all and very civil.


    Hmmmmmmm BIM has it been 60 years already. I seem to remember in the 60's and 70's everyone was all concerned about 'global cooling'. the math dose not add up.

    Why call it 'global warming' or 'global cooling' when it is just the natural cycle of the earth? the science for global warming has been proven to be flawed and racked with so much error that if it was a ship it would be on the bottom of the ocean.

    Now there is other aspect of the enviorment that we should be conserned about, such as the polution of 1/3 of fresh water lakes and rivers and how poluted the oceans are. 'global warming'? naaaaa thats just a very bad joke.

    And Bim for the fifth grade comment... I forgive you.


    Diane, You are a wonderful person.


    Hmmmmmm! Diane, I was not around in the 60's and 70's. Anyway, just pulling a Megan McCain on you here.

    The truth is though Diane, we cannot say climate has changed when we have slight and sometimes erratic variations in the elements of weather. I was just clearing up, for argument sake, scientific definitions.

    But I do agree with you; there are serious issues of fresh water pollution and several other more imminent environmental threats that should be of immidiate concern to us. I have always argued that the science of Global Warming still requires a lot more proof on both sides. I am not arguing for massive government spending on something yet to be conclusive. But by the same token, we must admit that there are definitely arguments to be considered in defence of further study. We cannot just cast aside science because we don't find it credible or suitable to our political agenda.


    Must your two cents always be thrown in? Can you give another referee a chance?

    It's Black History Month and Jt says I have a free pass till the end of the month; let me use it without fear or hindrance.

    If you jab at me before the month is up I am going to report you to Joyce, the school's guidance counselor. LMAO

    Have a good weekend ya'll.

    Maddie - Saukville

    Thanks for the laugh BiM-on the free pass part that is. I gotta be honest, I'm not reading Derek any longer-there's just so much inane, insane, inhumane nonsense you can tolerate. I don't know why he comes back except that he must derive some odd pleasure from failing to be relevant. God Bless the rest of you for trying to get through-I quit.

    I loved the video. I thought I was going to see a H/T Maddypie at the bottom.

    The only other thing I wanted to say again, since the President, not me but the President mentioned Bolshevism is, Who's John Gault?


    BIM I agree with you that there needs to be a lot more studying done, before legislation gets thrown at us. Like you said it does not matter what politics's you follow, the fact that all the facts are not in and there has been a lot of miss representation of the issues, global warming needs to be a none issue, untill there is some sound research is done on it.

    ;) bet you never thought we would agree on anything.

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