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    February 04, 2010


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    you know, there was an actual investigation on this:

    "Researcher on Climate Is Cleared in Inquiry "

    dollars to donuts that i have to hear about this case from conservatives years from now because it's not in the conservative hacks nature to run corrections on any rumors and innuendo spouted.


    Derek check what you site before you cite it, they didn't say he was right, just that it wasn't criminal. I doubt that will stand up to international scrutiny when the wheels blow off this whole thing, on top of that this video had nothing to do with the hockey stick graph which is intellectually dishonest. Grasping at straws here. Don't rush to find aboslution and find yourself guilty of the very thing you accuse the conservatives in here of doing.


    derek, I encourage you to stop worshiping a failed and empty religion.

    At every turn, it is becoming clear that there is no evidence linking global warming to CO2. The IPCC model didn't predict the recent stabilization and cooling because is it an incomplete and flawed model. As is all of the associated science that is being uncovered.


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