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February 05, 2010


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Dan (BipolarNation.com)

This is issue #1.

The Milwaukee Drum


We walk arm in arm on this fight good brother. This ish is insane!!!!! I hear PP will be opening up a drive-thru lane and selling malt liquor at their offices for Black People. Don't fear readers, I'm Black and I can write that without the blowback (you wanted to say it, I did it for you... joking people). They want to sell bootleg dvds too but the Common Council wants a cut before they issue the license.

This is another in a long list of crimes committed against Black People and Poor People in America.

And have you talked about how Florida QB Tim Tebow is catching hell?

Abortion is killing babies son.

I don't even really see the Right talking about this issue any more. Seriously, outside of Palin who is serious about getting rid of this on the Right? The Left isn't we all know that. But who in DC is really trying to repeal this so-called right to kill American babies?

Holla at your boy.


James, Excellent information.

The Milwaukee Drum, The Tim Tebow story broke on Monday and I have been checking your site to see if it was up there. So far it is not. Also on the same day there was a story of a woman getting an abortion at A1 Medicine and dying. I put both stories on my facebook. Next time I will link them to you.


Planned parenthood seems to be way more active in your neck-o-the woods. I hardly ever hear about them down here; and anyway, I do not know of a single black woman in my circles who as had, contemplated, or is contemplating abortion.

While I don't support the planned and systemic killing of unborn babies, black or white, I still think that there are circumstances when this practice is necessary. When however, it is a calculated effort by any group or organization to carefully alter the balance for population control( as I think TMD is alluding to)I find it disconcerting. The bigger picture for me though, is a woman's right to choose.
The whole 'this is unchristian' part of it, I still don't buy.

As for Tim Tebow, he needs to stick to football. If he thinks his celebrity is going to land him a place in the NFL, he is sadly mistaken. He needs to seek out and learn from Carrie Prejean. Which leads me to ask, Where is she these days? Somewhere in oblivion, where she rightly belongs and where Tebow might find himself someday soon?


Wow bim, some real dislike for Tim Tebow huh?

Besides being a hopeful for the NFL Tim Tebow is very religious and any one who checks out his website knows this of him. He has every right to let his story be told.

And personally for all of the Tim Tebow bashing of how he isn't NFL material, he doesn't seem to be defending what is said. In my opinion Tim may have other designs for his future and is siting back and delighting in all the controversy of what kind of a QB he is/isn't and what his number will be in the draft.

Just last week there was a story of a rookie baseball player who turned down a big league contract to become a Pastor.

Yeah I definitely think Tim Tebow has many options and will probably get the last laugh on his detractors.

Bim, I'm sorry, just who are you again to tell Tim to stick to football?

You truly overate yourself.


Carrie Prejean was going to become something too, she had a 'bright future' and she was 'wonderful christian young lady'. That was until her pornography was unearthed. You guys are notorious for defending losers and their positions anyway, so I am not surpised that you are coming to Tebow's defence.

I wish him well!


I don't see the intellectually honest position of advocating Tim Tebow stick to just football. If he were advocating for climate change, or urban renewal, or affirmative action I doubt the reaction would be the same. People in the public eye ALWAYS advocate for causes and issues close to their heart, and this is no different. I think it is clear that Planned Parenthood clinics are in minority neighbourhoods at such high numbers for the same reason liquor stores are just as prevalent. Its big business, big profits, but unlike the liquor stores these clinics are government co-sponsored.


You are so full of BS it is leaking down your comments.

You are predictably disgusting and your double talk only high lights what a "looser" you are.

Carrie Prejean was asked about gay marriage. She wasn't asked if she ever did lingerie modeling.

How do you know she isn't fine and enjoying her life right now? Are you stalking her?

You and your comments are useless in my eyes. I always enjoy it when you aren't around.


I know you did not misspell that, so pray tell, what are you implying? Your petty personal attacks do not deter me, I address issues not people. Unlike you. Carrie Prejean and Tim Tebow want to use their celebrity to push their position on issues, then they are fair game. One and part of the issues they promote.

You are always happy when I am not around because you are a bully and I always push your button. Nothing personal maddypie; I just have to call you out on your BS. you have a choice though, this is still America and BO has not yet attained his 'Pot Pol' like position. Can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. You always try to scare away folks who do not share your opinion. You are one sided and boring. I come here whenever I desire. Save your childish insults for someone who actually cares.


By the way, I like your euphemism, "lingerie modeling". Larry Flint would be proud fo her.
Porn is porn, you hypocrite.



You fall into my traps so effortlessly.

And yes I meant "loser"

Come on bim, who is pushing who's buttons??

See ya around.


I think I brought up a solid part of this debate, Maddy BiM we can either allow our discourse to degarde or we can actually dicsuss this like rational human beings. We don't all agree but let's at least get to the heart of the issue here.

The Milwaukee Drum

WOW!!!! Now that was getting intense... don't stop, I need to get my popcorn ready for the rest of the show.

Oh Legion, the government is profiting off of liquor stores in the hood too... see those gov't seals on those bottles and don't forget the sales tax and lottery ticket purchases.

The government loves the hood and makes it's money hand over fist... property taxes, fees, etc.



"People in the public eye ALWAYS advocate for causes and issues close to their heart, and this is no different."

And so us common folks are entitled to say whether we agree with their positions are not. You see, Conservatives do this all the time. This site is known for its jabs at Hollywood celebrities, sometimes they even get very personal with their attacks. So, like I said earlier, Carrie Prejean and Tim Tebow are celebrities who choose to use their celebrity to promote causes near and dear to them. I have no problem with that. I reserve the right however, to criticize their positions. Just like you all did when Danny Glover, a washed Hollywood actor, uttered garbage about Haiti's earthquake and Global warming.

By the way legion, I just did a quick search for Planned Parenthood clinics in the area and I came up with almost 17 locations in the Greater Miami area. And like you said, not a single one was in close proximity to my neighborhood.

Anyway, gotta go people. Its Super Bowl weekend, gotta clear out that room I plan to let for the weekend...I am a hustler baby!

Have a good weekend ya'll...GO SAINTS!


Mr. Harris - I agree with your points. But- I must correct the image of Sanger/KKK - so you are NOT discredited. It was part of a "Photo Contest" Sanger did admit in her Autobiography that she met with the KKK and received a dozen invites to speak to them. But - there are no pic of this. You can a copy of Sanger's admission here :http://library.lifedynamics.com/Autobiography/Chapter%2029.pdf

I would suggest a stunning documentary about Planned Parenthood and Black Genocide called: Maafa21 - get it here: http://www.maafa21.com


Milwaukee Drum, When James T. says "Conversation is the spice of life" I am the spice!

Feel free to enjoy a beverage with that popcorn!

Oh and Bim, with you bringing up porn and me bringing up lingerie I can just imagine what you will be dreaming about tonight.

Talk about hypocrites. You win!

Sweet dreams.


BinM. "The whole 'this is unchristian' part of it, I still don't buy." What is Christian about killing an unborn human?

Seems as though some on this post think it is Tim Tebow's message. IT IS NOT Tim's message... it is his Mom speaking out about HER CHOICE. She chose to bring a life into the world, despite risk involved. If those who say they are Pro-Choice cannot accept that she made a choice... LIFE. Perhaps they are not for a woman's right to choose after all.


Those who say they are "Pro-Choice" are "Pro-Abortion."

There is no such thing as pro-choice except in the minds of the twisted lunatic libs who made it up because it "feels" better to say.

Pro-Abortion you losers, just own it cause it is you.


"I want to live in a world where everyone's decisions are respected." Al Joyner at ~28 second mark.

This is the main statement in this video that caught my attention.

Quite honestly, what an asinine statement. If we ever reach that point in our society where we are unable to judge other people's actions as being inapporpriate or even immoral, we will have lost our society.

The Kevin Jackson video that James T has posted addresses this statement head on.

The decision in the pro-life/pro-abortion battle is actually whether to have unprotected sex or not. The pro-abortion folks have simply been able to co-opt the issue and changed the focus onto the consequences of that decision.

The vast majority of people disagree with abortion and believe it is wrong but do not feel they should take away the ability of others to make that "tough decision".

I get incredibly frustrated with that lack of consistency. If it is a baby, abortion is murder. If it is not a baby, it is not murder. People have so lost their moral moorings and have been so brainwashed by the likes of the feminist movement, planned parenthood, and the "truth is relative" crowd that they are unable to see that clearly.

Mark Paul

Unfortunately we already have lost our 'society'. Can't you hear the Chinese marching feet? They want their money back. Were Broke! Wake up, learn Mandarin and get your passport ready to enter Wyoming.

In order to pay them back the gov't will do a Hong Kong style 99 year lease. Where else will they get their coal? They build a new power plant every 2 weeks!

Pro-life? Yep, the Chinese will force us to have kids so they have more workers for their mines.... Say good bye to what you once knew, this winter is gonna' be a bitch.


James, you know I do not agree with you on this topic nor your interpretation of Sanger's comment either. I still respect you and your right to conclude on this topic as you do. But I respectfully disagree with where you have taken this argument ...to the topic of genocide and racism. To me it smacks of the tactics of the left, which you know I abhor.

James T.

Tactics of the left? How so?How have I misinterpreted Sanger?


James, I already stated how I felt you and not just you but those on the right behave with the tactics of the left on this.

I do not agree with your interpretation on Sanger. You and others who don't believe in abortion have been spinning that statement of Sangers in the same manner. But I don't read it that way at all. Your reading is ideological. It is what I hate about Obama and his ilk. I'm pointing out that here when I see it. I usually agree with you. I don't on this topic.

When I read that statement what I hear is a foretold future outlining exactly what you are saying. Much like Rush can tell you ahead of time what a liberal will say, she has done the same with her statement.

This is a heated topic, that IMHO should not ever be on the table for anyone other than the immediate ppl dealing with it. Let's not be the ridiculous ideologues like we see on the left.

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