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    January 27, 2010


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    meh......I'll wait for the iGrail


    James, are you telling us you must have one? You've not been very clear here ... ;-P

    So you have one on order, right?


    Now that I've seen this thing in action, I can definitely see the appeal. I doubt that I'll ever get one, but this looks perfect for people who just want the basic multimedia apps and nothing else, especially elderly (or handicapped) people who find computers confusing... or for people who just want another Apple toy! Now, if money were no object...

    James T.

    I am All about All things Apple! Yes! Yes! Yes! I will have the iPad!


    Uh... how do you wear that on your hip? iPhone, nice and portable - iPad? too big for the hip... I feel it will be a nice alternative to a laptop/netbook, but not much more than that. Everyone will end up carrying their iPhone anyways...

    btw - your iPhone is now an iPad Nano. (stolen, won't take credit for that)

    James T.

    TheBigShmoog is J-e-a-l-o-u-s!


    After chatting with James on his show on Sunday (good talking to you, BTW), I imagine his wife has taken away his credit cards and frozen them in blocks of ice in the freezer, then locked the freezer and surrounded it with lasers and guard dogs!

    In all seriousness, I think I'll wait for the second run of the iPad (if they're still calling it that), which should give Apple enough time to improve on the original design (remember the changes between the first and second gen iPods?), and work out the kinks.


    I watched the coverage on engadget and have been thinking about the kindle for a while now. I'm going to buy the Kindle now and then buy some version of the iPad for my fiance. I would prefer to use the MacBook Air I have because it is a full featured computer. That being said... once my future wife and I are married I should be able to use the iPad when needed right?

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