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    January 28, 2010


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    bush may have inherited a recession, but he also inherited peace and a surplus. so much for all that. at least he managed to replace the recession with a bigger one before he left. sometimes you have to sit back and realize just what you're complaining about. when iraq winds down this year, when unemployment winds down this year, just what's left for the right to bitch about? the deficit? yawn

    this isn't about giving anyone a chance. it's about not putting a guy in office that let's planes run into buildings, mismanages wars, and causes a financial meltdown. you conservatives stop engaging in stupidity like that, and i'll drop the condescension


    I could have sworn a gnat just flew by.

    Oh there it is again.

    SLAP! Ah, there I got it.

    Condescending little bugger is down the drain!


    Still, yet another one of Zo's masterpieces!!

    Thanks for posting J.T.

    PS- still waiting for the pics the journalist took of us after the Scott Walker rally ;-)


    derek, why would anyone keep their entire records hidden or locked up if they were outstanding?


    Derek... keep yawning about the deficit... but in between yawns work hard. Cuz' you're gonna spend the rest of your days paying it off...

    Retirement is looking better and better. I'll be able to live off money I've saved nicely. What are you going to live on in old age???


    i get a pension, saving money is for you private sector losers.

    Dan (

    Ha Derek you old fart.

    Saving for retirement FTW


    Oh silly gnat. Your master hussein is stealing from your pension at this very moment.

    pumpkin head = naive.

    Enjoy "old age" if you actually make it that far.


    Ha! Here's hoping that pension will be around when you're ready to retire. BHO won't be around to pamper you. Who knows maybe the conservatives and private sector will be in charge by then... and no more government handouts and padded pensions. And maybe the retirement age will be upped to 80 by then. Have fun working off the debt!

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