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    January 07, 2010


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    I just finished reading "Unlimited Access" by Gary Aldrich, former FBI agent worked during the first Clinton Administration. After reading this book and learning how the Clinton Administration totatlly disregarded the Secret Service and FBI background checks and dismantled the any security for the White House, Office of the President, and national security within the first year of Bill Clinton's presidency, it's doesn't surprise me.

    Now, I'm reading "Dereliction of Duty" by Buzz Patterson, former military advisor to President Clinton.


    Soooo... did you give a "shout-out" to that guy who says: "The buck stops here"? You know, Barry Truthman!


    After 9/11/01, my family and I flew to China, with an overnight as planned in the San Fran area to visit friends.
    My wife had put a steak knife into one of the side pockets of our diaper bag to cut up an apple for one of our kids.
    Guess who found it after we had flown from Houston to San Fran? ME! It went thru security, etc. without them even finding it. We weren't even hiding it, my wife had no idea you couldn't take a knife like that on.
    To avoid any problems the rest of our international trip, I left it in San Fran.

    Maddie - Saukville

    I don't get his response? "I'm a lawyer, its what I do." What does that mean? He's a lawyer and he'd sue the airport/airline if they followed the rules? He is going to sue the airport/airline for not following the rules?


    i havent flown internationally in a while. but a birth certificate and driver's license is good enough to get into mexico and back into the US circa 2005. i don't know the exact rules though. my job is pushin tin, not comforting hysterical right wing bed wetters


    Oh gnat it takes a "bed wetter" to know one. I hope you are rooming alone in your government dorm so you don't have an embarrassing moment that a room mate could witness!

    Yeah pumpkin head you keep "pushing tin" while the real Americans save the lives of the people on the air planes that you have so recklessly been put in charge of taking off and landing.

    Really Ida we will all get where we are going despite your inept ability to get us there.

    Happy New Year manifesto boy!


    Gypsy Boy, how rude of me.

    Happy New Year to the monkey too!


    Actually, effective June 1, 2009 it is no longer acceptable to use embossed birth certificate traveling by land, air or sea to Mexico or Canada.

    Instead of a passport (first time fee of $97) you can obtain a PASS (People Accessed Security Service) card ($45, renewals $20) to use crossing the borders. Or, some states (not sure which) have an Enhanced driver's license that could be used for a quick trip option.

    However, how secure/safe personal info is is undetermined. The PASS contains chips using insecure technology which some say can allow anyone access to personal data (by whom and for what reasons)... Decide for yourself.


    gnat truly is a dumb ass!

    Joyce, Thanks for the correct information.


    i said i didn't know. i'm not really into caring about such banal things. something tells me that a good terrorist would be smart enough to have a visa/passport. it's not like the ol passport policy would have prevented 9/11. or the shoe bomber or the panty bomber or the anthrax attacks, or the ft hood shootings, or the dc sniper et al.
    but due to all the bed wetters out there, i have do endure massive inconvenience so you can feel better at the airport. thank you hysterical middle america


    Who's hysterical? And what's "banal" about knowing of and understanding what is expected while traveling outside the U.S.?

    Grow up junior.


    a state driver's license isn't good enough to get into a country that has like 10 million illegal immigrants? that is the definition of banality.

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