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    January 28, 2010


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    That's the very same thing I thought...."Joe" moment. This joke of a man keep getting caught on his BS.


    If you understand the Profressives view of the Constitution, then you can understand how he could make that statement with a straight face, and actually believe what he said.


    corporate personhood... such a crock

    Dan (

    Derek -

    There's no personhood. "Congress shall make no law..."


    what's next, we band bark collars so dogs rights aren't infringed upon? a corporation isn't a person. this isn't rocket science.

    The same principle applies to why i can say black people can't come into my house, but i can't keep ban them from working for me. corporate rights are so selectively chosen that it's the height of absurdity to pretend they automatically are entitled to the same rights everyone else enjoys.

    The real constitutional question should be whether or not limiting corporate free speech poses and undue burden upon the free speech of actual free people.


    that should be:
    *ban bark collars

    *an undue burden


    gnat, You are just as delusional as your master hussein. This whole thing about a corporation not being people is just cracking me up. LOL.

    You keep whining and we will keep protecting your Freedom.

    Oh and gnat I'll put my "old" ass up against your pumpkin head any day. My ass is glorious and your head is... well its hideous, its the size of a pumpkin!!!

    Luv Ya!

    Dan (


    "There's no personhood."


    "a corporation isn't a person. this isn't rocket science."



    there was an analogy there as to why your reasoning was ridiculous.

    sighing doesn't remedy obtuseness

    Dan (

    "what's next, we band bark collars so dogs rights aren't infringed upon?"

    No, but then again dogs can't form corporations, either.


    Derek. A corporation is not a person... just as a union is not a person.

    However, unions have the right to speak freely to sway the opinions of its members and the public in an election.

    If the union has freedom of speech... why does the group of people who happen to work for an legally formed entity known as a corporation not be entitled (in your opinion) to have the same freedom of speech.

    Dan (

    Joyce, good point. If this ruling was about unions, liberals would be saying "but unions are groups of people, they're groups of individuals!"


    I've learned the very hard way that, to many a liberal, down is up, wrong is right, evil is good, etc... it's freaky, and completely skewed. Go figure.

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