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    January 27, 2010


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    It's circular; the article still focuses on race... what about just the fact that he is a democrat who didn't give his base the time of day???

    The Milwaukee Drum

    J -

    The radio station is a Black Owned Radio Station that targets a Black Audience. If Black people split there vote between Repubs and Dems evenly like other groups, then highlighting race wouldn't be necessary.

    The message of the article is targeted specifically to Black Voters that are 90+% Democratic supporters. And rest assured, Feingold isn't going on White Radio Stations pulling that stuff he did on the ONLY Black Talk Radion Station in Milwaukee.



    You can make this a race issue if you want, but you are avoiding the point.

    Where were Earls listeners when russ was having his town hall meetings?

    russ doesn't care about the color of your skin. russ was a smug smirking ass to any one who questioned him on his voting record and health care.

    Earl's listeners were treated to the same disrespect as any one else who challenged him in person. At least the listeners didn't have to see the look of disdain on his mug.

    How about focusing on a new candidate that will address your concerns and stop filling in the circle with your number 2 pencil for any one who has a "D" after their name.

    Forty years of nothing. How in Gods name can you stand it.


    Amen to Maddy's comment: "How in Gods name can you stand it."

    Isn't it time to look beyond the D and actually vote for a person... regardless of D or color of skin?


    James, in all seriousness, would YOU consider a run against Feingold?

    Or against Kohl in 2012?

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