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    January 04, 2010


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    And so the parents of this child let her do this movie with no questions asked? Ah yes, the new decade ushers in some of the same-ol-same old crap.

    Rachel Ann

    Please tell me this is a joke?

    What kind of morons make this type of show? What kind of morons let their kid do this kind of show? Sickos!! Hey the idea of a superhero girl is great; their has to be such graphic violence and disgusting language?
    I'm floored.

    Milwaukee Mike

    A product from the same people who were outraged (when the MSM told them to be) at Joe the Camel for corrupting our children’s minds.

    I guess the rules change when Hollywood is the profiteer.


    As bizarre as it is, apparently it's from a forthcoming movie, Kick Ass, a send up of The Watchmen, so its slightly taken out of context. Still, having in a major release movie an 11 year old girl saying, "I'm just f---ing with you Daddy" and killing lots of people should not impress us as progress.

    Maddie - Saukville

    She talks like a sailor and literally blows guys brains out the back of their skulls. Aw, isn't that cute?

    I wonder if she does full frontal nudity?

    dana michelle

    I'm speechless.

    Just.Literally. Without.Speech.

    God help us.

    Here's the IMDB bio on the actress that plays Hit Girl. Will be 13 years old next month. 13 years old.

    Hollywood Epic FAIL.


    If I had said "I'm just f***ing with you Daddy" to my own father when I was 11, I'd be in a world of hurt so bad I'd wish the moon was made of morphine. Hollywood has proven again that it's passing utter, worthless dreck off as entertainment.


    Did not waste time watching... based on what Hollyweirds "think" is entertainment... why bother!

    I can't believe people still choose to continue to throw dollars away on this trash... Spend quality time... read a book.


    What's really sad is that she's done the voice of Darby on "My Friends Tigger and Poo" for quite awhile, so she has had great roles in the past.

    Then again, she also appeared in 6 episodes of "Dirty Sexy Money". Can't say I ever watched an episode, but I really don't think I have to to know that this movie isn't the first role in which her parents have made a poor judgement to let her play.

    And--can we talk about the add for Legion, the seriously evil movie coming out soon where Michael, the archangel, is the bad guy, and our only hope is baby about to be born? (The baby-as-hope idea sounds wonderfully familiar, but God's messengers as the bad guys? No.) This film is pure evil, I'm telling you.......and the ADS are on PRIME-TIME TV during FOOTBALL GAMES that children and their families are watching!!!!!! AUGH!!! Makes me so mad!

    Andrea A.

    I second & third what SarahH just wrote!! Not even just Primetime with those ads during football games though... we're talkin' a noon game and I've gotta be ready with the remote to change it to a different channel so my 5 year old & 3 year old don't see people getting shot up or some woman's overly exposed sex shot. It's beyond ridiculous.

    After telling my husband last night about this preview he said no one would go see this movie - they'll boycott it. I wish it would be like that! Realistically though, there are people out there that are looking forward to this movie! That's almost worse then the parents that allowed their daughter to "perform" this garbage. Infuriating!

    Most definitely I am going to send someone in Hollywood my thoughts. It may not do a lot of good, but I really think instead of thinking about how mad it gets us - we've got to ACT.

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